How to Write a Song in 5 Simple Steps

So you want to learn how to write a song but don’t know where to start?

I’m here to tell you that the process doesn’t have to be complicated. You have what it takes to write a song that sounds good and you’re proud of sharing.

Cutaway Guitar vs. Non-Cutaway: Uncovering the Key Differences

Choosing the right acoustic guitar is essential to your craft as a songwriter or musician who primarily uses a guitar to write. You might wonder whether a guitar with a cutaway or non-cutaway design is right for you. As an experienced guitarist with over 25 years of playing and songwriting experience, let me guide you …

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How to Get Good Distortion Tone: Expert Tips for Guitarists

As a guitar player, you could spend your entire life looking for that perfect distortion tone to make your music stand out. Let’s face it, achieving the ideal distorted tone isn’t always as simple as turning a few knobs on your amplifier. Finding your sweet spot with various methods to generate a distorted signal can …

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Are Tube Amps Better for Pedals? Exploring the Ideal Gear Setup

When finding the perfect tone for your guitar, the debate between tube amps and solid-state amps is long-standing. Tube amps are known for their warm and dynamic sound, while solid-state amps are typically more affordable and reliable. But when pairing them with guitar pedals, is one option better than the other? This article will explore …

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Rosewood vs. Mahogany Guitar: The Acoustic Tonewood Showdown

The world of acoustic guitars offers various tonewoods with unique sound characteristics. Rosewood and Mahogany are two of the most popular choices for the back and sides of a guitar. At first glance, you may only notice a difference in coloration between the two. But these two kinds of wood respond differently to your playing …

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Why Is Fingerstyle Guitar So Hard? How to Overcome Challenges and Master the Techniques

Fingerstyle guitar is a beautiful and versatile way of playing guitar. Still, it’s also notoriously challenging for beginners and experienced players alike. Whether you’re playing on steel string or nylon string guitars, fingerstyle requires unique techniques and skills that can take years to master. In this article, we’ll explore why fingerstyle guitar is so complex. …

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