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We’re your go-to online hub where we review the best musical equipment like guitars, pro audio gear, audio software, and music education programs. Plus, we also share tips and tricks about songwriting and music production. Please think of us as your trusty friend guiding your musical journey.

Mission Statement

To inspire and empower 1 million musicians to create and share music they’re proud of. We believe that all it takes is one song to change the world.

And how do we plan to fulfill this mission? We covered it all — from comprehensive gear reviews, reviews of instruments per category, and use cases to helpful tutorials and how-tos to get the most out of your musical purchases.

Our Story

This is a picture of Brad Johnson, the owner and writer of Song Production Pros
Founder/Writer of Song Production Pros, Brad Johnson

Founded in 2021 by a seasoned musician and songwriter, Brad Johnson, Song Production Pros is fueled by a passion for music and a determination to break through the noise of the gear market.

After 25+ years in the industry — writing music, touring, working in recording studios, and overcoming “gear acquisition syndrome” — our founder decided to create a platform that would offer meaningful comparisons and insightful reviews.

Over the years, we’ve seen steady growth in our readership, guiding hundreds of musicians to find gear they love.

Who We Are

We bring together decades of experience and a shared love for music. Our backgrounds range from professional musicians to studio engineers, all united by one goal: to help musicians find the right gear and to get the most out of it.

Our Responsibility

We’re dedicated to promoting brands we believe in — creating consistent, quality products and offering excellent customer service. While we acknowledge the subjectivity of music gear, we remain unbiased, using hands-on testing, user-generated reviews, and expert insights to form our recommendations.

Our affiliations with vendors don’t sway our judgment. We remain steadfast in providing honest reviews, regardless of our partnerships with brands or potential profits.

We’re also committed to promoting sustainable and ethically-made products. We highlight companies that practice responsible production and invite our readers to join us in this cause.

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We love to hear from our readers. Please send your feedback to feedback@songproductionpros.com, and tune into our YouTube Channel for more songwriting and production tips.

Where do we go from here?

If you are here, you want to write music you’re proud of. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have something for you.

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