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Before you contact us, you might want to check out our FAQ section. These are answers to some of our most common questions:

Can I suggest a product for review?

Yes, given how many musical products there are, we are always searching for new products and suggestions from our readers! If you have a product or brand you’d like us to review; please message us at We can’t guarantee to review every suggestion, but we consider reader input and find it highly valuable.

Can I advertise on your site?

If you want to advertise your dog food brand on our website, please contact us at We offer various advertising options tailored to meet your brand’s needs. Our team will be happy to discuss partnership and sponsorship opportunities with you.

Do you accept guest posts or collaborations?

We’re always open to new voices and collaborations. If interested, please email with your topic idea and background. Please note that all submissions are subject to review and approval by our editorial team.

How can I support

We appreciate your interest in supporting! There are several ways you can help show some love to the site:
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What should I do if I buy a product from your recommendations I don’t like?

I get it; not everything that I like will be something that is right for you. The great thing is that all the vendors I promote have fantastic return policies. While our site provides reviews and information, we are a third-party resource that doesn’t work for online retailers. Please contact them to discuss returning your item for a refund. Also, if there is a product you purchased that you returned, please let’s know by emailing We continually update our articles to give our community the most up-to-date and accurate reviews.