Is Bass Easier Than Guitar? | An Experienced Player’s Honest Take

TL;DR – The 5-Second Answer… For people who have never picked up a guitar, the bass is easier than the guitar. However, learning bass is challenging and will still take dedication and time to get good. This article will explain why bass is easier and when it’s more challenging in comparison to a regular guitar. …

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Is Guitar Hard to Learn? | What You Need to Know to Succeed

If you’ve ever thought about learning to play the guitar, you’ve probably wondered if it will be hard for you. After all, don’t some people “have a natural talent?” The truth is, learning how to play the guitar is relatively easy with the right expectations and plan. With the proper guidance and practice, anyone can …

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Maple vs. Rosewood Fretboard | The Ultimate Showdown!

The maple vs. rosewood fretboard debate is hotly contested. You’ll find no shortage of thoughts and opinions on which is better and why. If you’re wondering what fretboard material you should get with your next guitar purchase, this blog post is for you! I’ll be exploring the differences between these two popular materials and taking …

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How to Write Songs Faster | 9 Expert Tips for All Skill Levels

Need help keeping up with your songwriting goals? Don’t worry; you’re not alone!  Making great music can be challenging, but some tricks and tips can help speed up the process. But no worries, that’s where I am here to help! Get ready to level up your creativity — in this blog post, I’ll give you …

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How to Write a Chorus | 9 Tips To HOOK Your Listener Immediately

Are you ready to learn how to write a chorus that will captivate your listeners and build your fan base? Writing an effective chorus is easier than you think. You’ll soon see that many share similarities when listening to hit songs. Whether you’re trying to write pop, indie, country, or rap choruses, if you follow …

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How to Write A Song About Someone You Love | 12 Easy Tricks

So you want to know how to write a love song but need help figuring out where to start. It can be tough to put your feelings into words, let alone turn them into a beautiful song. But don’t worry, I’m here to help. I’ve been writing songs for over 20 years and have written …

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Bridge vs. Neck Pickups | How They Define Your Electric Guitar Tone

One of the most critical factors in an electric guitar’s tone comes from the pickups. The overall sound quality and genre characteristics are heavily dependent on it. There are different pickups, such as single-coil, humbucker, and P90s. While electric guitars have different pickup configurations, most have two pickups, one in the bridge and one in …

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The Compressor Settings for Acoustic Guitar That You NEED to Know

TL;DRFor most acoustic guitar compression you should focus on 3-5 db gain reduction, a medium attack (3-8 milliseconds) and a release time that works with the tempo of the performance (use Tuneform) If you’re a guitar player recording from home, you must know how to use compression. Compressors are essential for getting that perfect sound …

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Aeolian Scale vs. The Minor Scales | How to Leverage These Sad and Beautiful Sounds

Music has so much power over human emotions. Yet, frequently, songwriters are unsure how to pick notes and chords that effectively represent the sentiments in their lyrics.

The key to understanding how to do this well is through learning scales. If you are looking to invoke feelings of sadness and melancholy, then it’s vital to understand minor scales and modes.