Is Musiversal a Scam? Don’t Sign Up Until You Read This First!

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Hello, fellow songwriting and producer enthusiasts! It’s Brad, your music comrade, constantly exploring the melody wilderness for something that strikes the right chord. Today’s expedition? Musiversal’s intriguing offer is unlimited recording sessions per month.

It’s a symphony of promise, but is Musiversal a Scam? Let’s dive in!

A World of Sound at Your Fingertips

Musiversal tantalizes with a gateway to limitless remote recording sessions. It’s like having a buffet of sonic delights, with talented musicians and producers from around the globe ready to collaborate, bringing their unique flavors to your creative table whenever inspiration strikes.

“Unlimited” – Let’s Fine-Tune That

The term ‘unlimited’ often comes with its own set of parentheses. With Musiversal, you can schedule up to four sessions at a time. I smoothly sail through approximately ten sessions a month, which equates to $20 a session. When you measure this against the price tag of traditional studio sessions, the savings aren’t just sweet; they’re downright symphonic.

This is an image of my bookings and how many I am able to do within a month. There is a long list of sessions.
A list of my sessions.

Hold the Reigns to Your Musical Kingdom

With Musiversal, the canvas of your creativity remains yours and only yours. You get full ownership – no sneaky clauses or contractual quicksand. Your sonic masterpiece? It’s yours to command and unleash into the world.

Join the Movement, Craft the Music

But there’s more to Musiversal than meets the ear. Engaging with this platform isn’t merely about manufacturing hits; it’s about being part of a vibrant, global community of first-rate musicians who are not just notes on a page but a harmonious melody creating a masterpiece together.

Don’t take my word for it. If you go on TrustPilot, you will see many others who rave about the service. You also see that Musiversal is paying attention to these reviews as they respond to most.

A Platform Tuned to Musicians’ Needs

Musiversal isn’t playing solo; it’s conducting an orchestra where everyone’s contribution is valued. With a salaried income model for musicians it introduces financial stability into the often unpredictable life of music-making.

Striking the Right Chord with Musicians?

I’ve seen plenty of questions online regarding the ethical nature of “unlimited” recording sessions for such a fair price. This is a good question, and from my sessions, the musicians enjoy what they are doing (the musicians work a lot but seem happy doing what they love).

A Year in the Life of a Musiversal Musician

Let’s hear it from those who’ve lived the Musiversal rhythm for over a year. Devin Malloy, a beatmaker with Musiversal, reflects: “Working for Musiversal has allowed me to continue walking the path I’d crafted, providing stability to center my life around creating, sharing, and connecting through music.” Devin’s journey illuminates Musiversal as a hub and a haven for artists worldwide, celebrating diversity and collaboration while creating top-tier music.

As an artist who uses the platform himself, he echoes the extraordinary value of this service from both sides of the equation.

Another session musician, Chris Barber said, “A typical day for me at Musiversal starts at around 10am when I arrive at my studio and set up Logic sessions for the day ahead. The sessions start at 12pm and usually finish at 5 or 6 in the evening with shorts breaks in-between. Musiversal is extremely flexible when it comes to choosing a schedule, which is perfect for us musicians and means I can plan my sessions around what else is going on in my life!”

I’ve worked with Chris many times on sessions, and I can say that he always comes prepared and ready to have fun and give it his all.

For more stories from the musicians, please refer here.

A Symphony with the Co-founder

Xavier Jameson, one of the maestros behind Musiversal, shared that with every five new subscribers, they hire another musician to join their sonic roster, with salaries ranging from a respectable $21,000 to a whopping $96,000, depending on their location.

My First-Hand Musiversal Review

Okay, enough talk about the platform itself; here is my journey as a user myself…

The Entry Ticket to Harmonic Wonderland

When the calendar flipped its pages to unveil this year, I eagerly awaited in Musiversal’s virtual line. I could imagine standing in a buzzing crowd of music lovers, each of us holding our breath, fingers crossed, hoping for that glittering golden ticket of opportunity from Musiversal. Fast forward through whispers of anticipation and fluttering hopes, and there it was in my inbox—the invitation to a sonic treasure trove!

With a crescendo of excitement pulsating through my veins, I stepped into the realm of Musiversal with four months of exploration penciled into my calendar. Now, with an armful of rhythmic experiences and a head swirling with melodies, I am here to lay down my Musiversal tracks for your discerning ears.

This is a list of the musicians and services available on the booking page of Musiversal.
The booking page

Digital Ditties vs. Authentic Artistry

Embarking on the Musiversal adventure felt like trading a tinny, digital replica of Beethoven’s magic wand for the genuine, polished baton that once conjured symphonies under the star-studded Vienna sky. The shift was palpable, and oh, the music it made! Here’s the symphony in three movements:

  • Bidding Adieu to Synth Sorrows: Gone are the cumbersome days of wrestling with unyielding synth settings, programming drums to sound “real,” or trying vainly to mirror a piano’s sublime notes through a VST. With Musiversal, within a brisk and breezy half-hour, I found myself weaving melodies with seasoned virtuosos, crafting music that once seemed eons away when flying solo.
  • From Illusory to Fusion: Musiversal isn’t shrouded in mystery; it demands clarity. As a conductor of your magnum opus, clear direction is your wand. With a well-scripted roadmap handed to the artists, brace yourself for an ovation-worthy performance where every note echoes your vision.
  • Crafting the Magnum Opus with a Maestro’s Touch: With Musiversal as my ally, the days of being a lone wolf in the sprawling fields of music are in the rearview mirror. Now, I stand amidst a symphony of excellent musicians, each contributing unique notes, enhancing and elevating the masterpiece we collectively bring to life.

Facing the Music: Musiversal’s Minor Dissonances

The Weekend Symphony Dilemma

Musiversal plays a sweet serenade but hits a minor chord regarding weekend bookings. Although the reasoning is transparent—every artist deserves a breather—the reality might strike a discordant note for those balancing day jobs, familial cadences, and musical passions.

Navigating through early dawn or fleeting lunchtime slots while managing remote work demands a meticulous maestro. For those tethered to traditional workplaces, Musiversal’s timetable might feel restrictive, nudging the cost-per-session needle upwards and sparking contemplation of alternative routes. And for those, like me, residing in the US Pacific Time Zone, the timetable often plays a dawn or midday melody.

For those not adeptly wielding the conductor’s baton, challenges may arise:

  • Crafting the Sonic Tapestry: Translating your auditory vision to a remote expert might feel akin to describing the scent of rain over the phone—it’s intangible. Musiversal’s pre-production service is a helpful translator, turning your musical notes into readable sheets. But the baton of clear communication and vision is in your hands to truly bring your musical vision to life.
  • The Art of Impromptu: I once embarked on an experiment, providing minimal guidance for a composition. The outcome? It hit a few off-notes. The short 30-minute window and ensuing wrap-up time are pressed against the clock, leaving little room for ambiguity.
  • Leading with a Gentle Hand: While guidance is crucial, over-directing can dim the spotlight on the artist’s brilliance. Like a true maestro, it provides the guiding light. Still, it allows the artists to navigate, creating a harmonious confluence of vision and artistry.

The Race Against the Clock

The fleeting nature of the 30-minute sessions feels like racing against a ticking clock, trying to capture the essence of a melody before the final note fades away. In the post-session silence, I often yearn for an encore, a little more time to refine and polish the performance to perfection.

Each artist brings a unique flavor; some effortlessly riff off the basic tune, while others crave detailed guidance. With a meticulously detailed plan, the half-hour window may feel more relaxed for most compositions.

In the Grand Scheme of Things…

While every platform plays its unique melody with varying degrees of harmony and dissonance, being forewarned is being forearmed. Understanding and navigating through Musiversal’s unique rhythm and occasional off-notes prepares you for a smoother journey through its sonic landscape. Who knows, the crescendo of improvements might soon bring weekend slots into the symphony, adding another note to the hopeful melody we all play.

Is Musiversal the Muse You’ve Been Waiting For? Identifying the Ideal User

Home Studio Aficionados Rejoice!

For those home studio mavens wielding a clear vision and basic editing skills, Musiversal serves as an ideal playground:

  • Although Musiversal features editors, possessing skills like vocal tuning, assembling performances, and synchronizing drums can considerably fast-track your creative process, allowing sessions to focus on refining and enhancing your arrangements instead.

The Independent Collaborator’s Haven

For indie musicians who crave professional collaboration without relinquishing rights, Musiversal is a goldmine:

  • The platform operates with a staunch “full buyout” philosophy. The contribution from every skilled artist on your project is unequivocally yours, ensuring you retain all rights and credits.
  • With Musiversal’s artists known for their punctuality and preparedness, session cancellations are minimal, making your musical journey smoother and more enjoyable.

The Aspiring Maestro’s Mentor

For those embarking on a journey of mastering the arts of recording, mixing, and mastering, Musiversal is an invaluable companion:

  • The ‘Unlimited’ package is not merely about churning out tunes. It is an informal but precious tutorial that provides insights into production and mixing while offering professional editing and mastering services. It’s like having a seasoned mentor guiding you through the nuances and refining your skills as a producer or artist.
  • Engaging with top-notch studio talents aids in developing an acute sense for quality, helping you distinguish between stellar and subpar recordings and clarifying your specific needs and expectations.

For Dreamers with Determination

Those with a crystal-clear musical vision and a knack for thorough pre-production planning will find Musiversal a canvas ripe for painting auditory masterpieces.

A Composer’s Best Friend

For classically trained composers accustomed to crafting sheet music, Musiversal is nothing short of a boon. With musicians on the platform adept at reading and interpreting sheet music, your compositions are brought to life with minimal effort and maximum fidelity.

Musiversal isn’t merely a service; it’s a multifaceted musical ecosystem, a convergence of community, academy, and studio, ready to nurture and amplify your musical ambitions.

A picture of their sample packs you can use in your productions.
Musiversal provides resources like loops and webinars that they constantly add to add value of this service.

Musiversal vs. SoundBetter: A Musical Showdown

Crafting a sonic masterpiece requires the collaboration of talented maestros. Both Musiversal and SoundBetter offer themselves as platforms for such collaboration, but which stage is ideal for your performance?

SoundBetter: A Diverse Musical Marketplace

  • Variety Galore: SoundBetter is a sprawling marketplace gathering audio professionals from various fields. Whether you’re searching for a captivating vocalist, a mixing expert, or a specialized instrumentalist, SoundBetter is where your search concludes.
  • Access to Industry Stalwarts: One of SoundBetter’s standout features is its access to industry heavyweights, allowing you to collaborate with experienced professionals with a history of creating chart-topping hits.

Musiversal: The Dynamic Jamming Space

  • Live Collaborations: What sets Musiversal apart is its emphasis on live, interactive sessions. It’s akin to a digital concert hall, where you can provide real-time feedback, shaping the music as it is created.
  • Instant Feedback vs. Iterative Edits: Unlike SoundBetter, which allows for revisions, Musiversal offers immediate feedback during live sessions. However, any afterthoughts or new ideas require scheduling additional sessions.

Making the Choice: Which Platform Sings to You?

  • Occasional Projects vs. Ongoing Creations: SoundBetter’s vast selection and iterative collaboration style might be more appealing for musicians working on occasional singles or projects. In contrast, Musiversal is better suited for musicians engaged in continuous creation, thanks to its subscription model and real-time collaboration features.

Embarking on a Musiversal Journey?

Choosing the right platform to weave your musical tapestry can be challenging. Is Musiversal the right note for your symphony? Here’s a breakdown of what it offers:

  • A Symphony for Committed Composers: If you find yourself lost in the maze of your digital audio workstation, tinkering endlessly with VSTs and digital instruments, Musiversal might be a breath of fresh air and inspiration you need.
  • Patience Pays Off: While getting started with Musiversal might require patience, the rewards are worth waiting for. If you want to leave a lasting impression on the music streaming landscape with top-notch production quality, Musiversal is a steadfast ally. Just be prepared for a commitment that might extend beyond initial expectations.
Musiversal also offers plenty of training for you to watch live and on-demand.

A Final Note on Musiversal

From the snug confines of home studios to expansive, professional recording spaces, Musiversal offers a unique experience akin to unveiling a brand-new vinyl record — familiar yet thrillingly fresh.

For those creators with a fiery passion and unyielding determination to elevate their music but find themselves constrained by time or equipment, Musiversal stands as a beacon of opportunity and guidance.

As this musical journey draws to a close, here’s a secret encore: an exclusive offer from Musiversal awaits those who join their waitlist. Secure a free session with the Unlimited Plan, and enjoy a generous 25% discount on your first month with the code BRADJOHNSON25. To get the free session details, reach out to after you join the waitlist.

With the final note played, the stage is yours. Ready to create music that echoes through time?

Remember: One song can change the world. Let’s craft a genuinely unforgettable masterpiece.

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