Loog Guitar Review | Is This the BEST Guitar for Kids?

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Are Loog Guitar's Worth It?

If you're looking for the best learning guitar for kids, look no further than a Loog Guitar.

This innovative guitar is perfect for small children and toddlers and is designed to make learning chords and scales easy.

With a bright, colorful design, the Loog Guitar will surely be a hit with your little one. Don't miss out on this incredible learning tool - order your Loog Guitar today!

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Finding a guitar for a toddler or small child that isn’t built like a toy is nearly impossible. Most traditional guitars for small kids don’t stay in tune, are complicated to learn how to play songs on, and aren’t size-appropriate.

In the past, you would have to purchase a 1/4 size or 1/2 size guitar for your kid to learn on. However, these would traditionally be six-string guitars with nylon strings. While nylon strings are easier on the fingers for beginners, they tend to have wider necks and can be hard for finger placement.

Loog Guitars has flipped the kid’s guitar on its head. Instead of playing by traditional rules, they have removed three guitar strings of a standard guitar to make learning chords and scales easy.

Loog Guitars also look fantastic. They come in bright colors and have retro, funky body designs reminiscent of a vintage Fender.

While these guitars aren’t perfect, they are worth purchasing for younger kids interested in learning guitar in a fun and interactive way.

Let’s get started with this ultimate Loog guitar review!

The Loog Mini | Best for a 3 to 5-Year-Old

Best for Ages 3-5
Loog Mini

The Loog Mini is the perfect guitar for your 3 to 5-year-old. Its small size makes it easy for your little one to hold and play. 

The included Loog guitar app makes learning fun and interactive, and the nylon strings are gentle on tiny fingers. Plus, they offer an electric guitar version for those kids with more rock 'n' roll in their DNA. 

Order your Loog Mini today!

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The Loog Mini is the smallest guitar (about the size of a ukulele) in the lineup. It’s easy as a parent to envision your little kiddo strumming away on this awesome looking guitar, but is the Loog Mini a gimmick?

The short answer is no, but you need to temper your expectations of what you’re buying.

First, the good.

The Loog Mini guitar is a legitimate instrument that will help your child learn guitar. The strings are made from nylon and aren’t painful on tiny fingers with no callouses. Plus, the included Loog guitar app makes learning fun and interactive, especially for young kids (more on the app later).

Another great thing about the Loog Mini is that they also offer an electric guitar version if your kid has more Jimi Hendrix than James Taylor in their DNA.

Now the bad.

Let’s face it, most kids aren’t ready to start learning an instrument at these younger ages. If your children are like my children, they are more into the pretend than disciplining themselves to learn a skill. Most likely, your child will make a bunch of noise that doesn’t sound like music at this age.

There is no magic bullet with learning an instrument, and consistency and discipline is needed to get the most out of a Loog Guitar. If you’re looking for something cute for them to hold for pictures, you would be better served by buying a toy instrument, as the Loog is a real guitar for playing real songs.

  • The Loog Mini looks great, and is a perfect starter guitar for toddlers
  • The interactive app and learning material is a modern and engaging way for your child to learn
  • The strings are made from nylon, making them less painful on the fingers compared to steel strings
  • You can purchase either an acoustic or electric version
  • Playing on the app might be more exciting to your toddler than actually learning the guitar
  • The strings it comes with are low quality and don't stay in tune

The Loog Pro | Best for a 6 to 8-Year-Old

Best for Ages 6-8
Loog Pro

The Loog Pro hits the sweet spot for young kids' first guitar. It's aimed at an age range that can learn and play songs, and this guitar is well made and fun to play.

While this won't be your kid's "forever guitar," it will help them to learn the fundamentals to give them a leg up when they graduate to a full-size guitar.

Also, don't be surprised if you find yourself, as an adult, playing it from time to time πŸ™‚

By purchasing through a link, I'll earn a commission. This is at no extra cost to you and helps me continue to create helpful content for musicians πŸ™‚

In my opinion, the Loog Pro acoustic guitar is the best value out of all the Loog guitar models.

The age range served with the Loog Pro, and the Loog Pro Electric makes the most sense as to why you would purchase Loog over a traditional guitar.

At this age, a child is capable of learning guitar. However, they are still young enough to where a standard six-string guitar might still be too complicated to learn on.

A Loog Guitar is innovative because it’s only a three-string guitar. Loog removes the top three thickest strings of the guitar and leaves the bottom three.

You may be quick to think that this makes this an incomplete guitar, but the way a standard guitar is tuned, the top string and bottom string are the same note. So your little one will still be able to play any song, and when they graduate to a six-string guitar, they won’t have to learn everything all over again.

The Loog Pro is a steel string, so this model won’t be as forgiving on the fingers as the Loog Mini Guitar. But like the Mini, the thin neck is easy for little hands, and the included flashcards and app make learning how to play fun and engaging.

  • One of the best-designed and playable kids guitars on the market
  • The innovative three-string design makes learning chords and scales more simple
  • The interactive app will inspire your kid to learn by teaching them their favorite songs
  • You can buy either an acoustic or electric version of the Loog Pro
  • The strings are low-quality and will need to be replaced
  • The steel strings are less forgiving on the fingers compared to nylon strings

The Loog Pro VI | Best for 9 to 11-Year-Old

Best for Ages 9-11
Loog Pro VI

The Loog Pro VI is a 1/2-size, six-string guitar that keeps up with the great looks of the other models. It's an excellent step-up guitar from the 3-string Loog Pro and will keep a familiar feel for your kid if they have been learning on the other models.

The challenge I have with the Pro VI is that once your kid is nine years old+, they are often ready to start playing a 3/4 to full-sized guitar, where you have many more options for finding an affordable and quality guitar.

With that said, the Loog Pro VI is a good guitar that is still worth considering.


By purchasing through a link, I'll earn a commission. This is at no extra cost to you and helps me continue to create helpful content for musicians πŸ™‚

The Loog Pro VI (6) is the step-up version of the previous two models and is a complete six-string guitar. It keeps the same playability, construction, and design as the other models. Still, it is meant for kids who are ready to transition to a full-size guitar.

The Loog Pro 6 comes as either an acoustic or electric guitar and includes all the same learning materials as the other models.

Honestly, I think the Loog Pro 6 makes a fun little travel guitar, but if your child is looking to upgrade to a six-string, then it’s also time to upgrade to a 3/4 sized or full-sized guitar by a more traditional brand.

The Loog Pro VI is a great cheap guitar for someone to tinker around on but will be quickly outgrown when your child moves out of the beginner stages and into the intermediate level.

My philosophy is that at a certain point in a kid’s development as a guitar player, they need to get an instrument that will grow with them. I don’t feel the Loog Pro 6 is that guitar.

  • The Loog Pro VI is a great stepping stone to a full-sized guitar
  • The six-strings allow your kid play more advanced chords and scales
  • It's easy to travel with
  • Comes in either an acoustic or electric version
  • Depending on your kids age and skill level, you might be better off purchasing a full-size beginner guitar

Loog Acoustic Guitar vs. Loog Electric Guitars

One thing that I really like about Loog Guitars is that they offer each guitar model as either an acoustic or electric version.

Finding good electric guitars for young kids is challenging, and Loog is filling a big gap in the market with these electric instruments.

But the question remains, should you get the acoustic or the electric version of a Loog Guitar?

Well, it all depends.

The acoustic guitars are much more affordable. So if you’re unsure if playing guitar will stick with your kid, go acoustic. However, electric guitars are just more fun and exciting. They can also project over other instruments, so if your goal is to create the next Partridge Family, an excellent electric goes a long way.

What’s great about the electric versions of Loog Guitars is that they come with a built-in amplifier. You won’t need to purchase an additional amp or cables to play it. But Loog has also included an instrument jack, so if you want to plug it into an audio interface for recording or an external amp with effects pedals, you can do so.

At the end of the day, the type of guitar you should choose should be the one that you think will inspire your child the most. Some kids may want it more loud and wild, and some may want it more introspective.

The choice is yours, either way you can’t go wrong πŸ™‚

The Secret Sauce | The Loog Guitar App & Training Materials

The Loog guitar app and training materials are the secret to why Loog is so effective at helping kids learn how to play guitar.

The free Loog Guitar App gamifies the entire guitar learning process. It includes video lessons, a tuner, and a digital songbook. I’m super impressed with the quality and fun of using this app, and I wish I had this when I was a young kid learning how to play guitar.

For a deeper dive into the application and a sneak peek into the free video lessons, please refer to this official video from Loog below.

While this app is incredibly inventive and fun, the gamification might distract some kids from wanting to learn their guitar. They may get more fascinated by earning points to dress up the monster and seeing themselves on the selfie camera. Your kid may even force you to learn guitar to unlock these goodies…you’ve been warned.

Also, for those parents who don’t want their children to have too much screen time, Loog has you covered. Your Loog Guitar comes with flashcards with chord diagrams, and you can purchase a Hal Leonard Guitar Book that focuses on learning on a Loog.

The Sound of a Loog Guitar Reviewed

Do Loog Guitars sound good? Yes and no.

Each Loog Guitar comes stock with cheap strings, which doesn’t help keep the instrument in tune. Also, the Loog Mini is so tiny that there isn’t enough guitar for proper resonance and depth. But will it inspire your kid to pick it up and bang around on it? Absolutely!

I think the Loog Pro is the best sound out of the three options. For the age-range the Pro is aimed at, it has a nice tone compared to other guitars aimed at the same age level.

I’m still firm in my opinion that you can find better-sounding six-string guitars than the Loog Pro 6 for a similar price.

When it comes to the electrics, you get a nice crunchy tone. And for a small kid’s guitar, the combo of having the amp built-in to the guitar makes this a no-brainer purchase for young kids who want to express their inner rock star.

The Construction of a Loog Guitar Reviewed

The construction of a Loog Guitar is good. They include a bridge saddle, maple neck, real frets, and they are durable.

I think Loog has gone above and beyond on the construction for the price and that it’s a kid’s guitar.

One thing to note is that Loog has really considered the visual appeal of playing an instrument. All their guitar’s come in various fun colors, and one is sure to resonate with your little one.

I mean, it’s just a fact when it looks inviting and fun to play, it gets played ;).

The Playability of a Loog Guitar Reviewed

Because a Loog Guitar has only three strings, the neck width is smaller on Loogs, making this guitar very easy for children to play. The Pro version is also a fun guitar for adults to noodle around on.

The bottom line, playing a Loog is fun. And when shopping for a guitar, what else could you ask for?

What About Accessories?

If I’ve learned anything from my wife, the accessories are just as necessary as the outfit. The same rings true when purchasing a guitar…especially for your little one.

Well, Loog has you covered, and you can purchase all kinds of accessories (some practical, others not) from their website.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find, the ones you should get with your purchase, and the ones you can probably pass on (unless you need to get the perfect photo for friends and family).


The strings that come with a Loog Guitar aren’t the best. Also, the price for new ones on their website is highly overpriced.

My recommendation would be to purchase a quality set of strings. These strings will help your guitar stay in tune, and play better.

For the Loog Mini Guitar, purchase classical nylon strings with a ball end and gauge of .028-.043 (for acoustic only). Make sure you string the guitar with the bottom three strings only.

For the Loog Pro, purchase steel strings with a gauge of .010-.050 (acoustic only). Ensure to use the bottom three strings.

For the Loog Pro 6, purchase any set of steel strings that are at least a .10 on the high e string.


Straps aren’t necessary, but they are fun if your child likes performing, dancing, and moving around.

It’s also critical to ensure your kid doesn’t drop the guitar on the ground.

The guitar straps that Loog has to offer on their website are surprisingly high quality. The strap that comes with the bundle includes nice leather ends for an elegant look (nicer than my first guitar strap).

If you want to join the fun and play the Loog, they offer an all-leather slim strap from Levys, which is one of the best guitar strap manufacturers, in my opinion.


When you purchase a Loog Guitar, you can buy it as a bundle with a guitar case and strap. I’d recommend taking the bundle because the case is a critical component of the long-term care of the guitar.

The Loog case is water resistant, can be worn as a backpack, and fit into overhead bins of planes.

Honestly, I think the case is only necessary for the Loog Pro and Loog Pro 6. If you’re buying the Loog Mini, that guitar will get plenty beat up by your toddler and there isn’t much you can do to protect the guitar from that.

Wall Hangers

Wall hangers are a fun way to show off your new guitar purchase. It’s also practical in helping protect the guitar from the destruction of your toddlers and young kids.

The one problem with wall hangers is that they offer no protection from humidity changes.

Humidity can warp and ruin a guitar if you’re not careful. It’s much better to store your guitar in a case and have a dedicated humidifier to ensure that you properly care for the guitar.

Guitar Stands

Loog offers guitar stands as an accessory that you can purchase for your guitar. I’ve found that guitars that are accessible get played. So buying a guitar stand could be a good way to encourage your kid to pick up their new instrument more often than not.

However, you do run the risk of humidity issues like with the wall hanger. Also, a guitar on a stand will get bumped and knocked over by your child, and storing the instrument in a case is better protection for your instrument.

A guitar stand isn’t a necessity but can be handy if you understand the trade-offs.

Guitar Tuners

Loog offers a clip-on guitar tuner on their website. I’d recommend you skip this one because the app comes with a tuner, and you can get a Snark tuner cheaper on Amazon.

Guitar Amp

Loog Guitar offers an external amplifier for their electric guitars. This guitar amp should only be considered if your child is around 8-9+ years old and needs extra amplification to play with louder instruments.

As a parent, it’s also good to be warned that buying an external amp will make your house much noisier. So consider your own sanity threshold before adding this to the shopping cart.


There are lots of different books available in the Loog Guitar online shop. Most are inspirational books from Little People, Big Dreams. I will say that my 3-year-old loves these books, and I highly recommend them for any kiddo.

However, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing them through the Loog website. You can most likely find these books for a better price on Amazon.

The Hal Leonard instructional book is a good value, but I think it’s unnecessary considering the very helpful app.

My final thought, skip the books in Loog’s online shop.

T-Shirts, Posters, Gifts & Novelty Items

Loog offers lots of little knick-knacks to complete the entire vibe of their guitars. From baby onesies, posters, picks, and more.

These accessories are cute; if any of them speak to you, I say go for it!


Can Loog Guitars only be played by Kids?

While Loog Guitars are meant for children, they are also fun for adults to play with. An adult may find the Loog Mini hard to play, but the Loog Pro can make an excellent couch or travel guitar for an adult player.

How do you tune a Loog Guitar?

The Loog Guitar tuning is exactly like the high G, B, and E strings on a standard six-string guitar.

Every Loog Guitar has a free app with a tuner to help keep your guitar in tune.

Is transitioning to a standard-size guitar easy after playing Loog Guitars?

Yes and no. Because your child will be learning partial chord shapes, there will be a learning curve moving to a standard-sized guitar.

However, it’s important to remember that the main strength of a Loog Guitar is that it inspires your kid to want to learn guitar and makes learning fun and engaging.

Can you play real songs on a Loog?

Yes! In fact, the free learning app that comes with each Loog Guitar teaches you how to play songs by Taylor Swift, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and more.

The three strings are tuned exactly as the bottom three strings on a traditional guitar. So you can still play chords and pick out melodies for any song.

Can young kids learn how to play guitar?

Young kids will struggle to play guitar in a musical way. Toddlers will likely bang up the guitar and create more noise than music.

The good thing about a Loog Guitar is that they aren’t that loud. So you won’t need too much headache medication when your kid decides to put on their own rock concert.

The Bottom Line

Loog guitars are not perfect, but compared to other guitars aimed at little kids wanting to learn guitar, they are at the top of their class.

Loog makes guitars that are fun, easy to play, and come with educational material that will engage your kid in learning the instrument.

Go for it if you have been on the fence about whether a Loog Guitar is a good purchase. They offer a 30-day return policy, so what do you have to lose?

Find the perfect Loog Guitar for your kid here on Amazon.

If you’re still not convinced, I’ll leave this here πŸ™‚

The Verdict

This innovative guitar is perfect for small children and toddlers and is designed to make learning chords and scales easy.

With a bright, colorful design, the Loog Guitar will surely be a hit with your little one. Don't miss out on this incredible learning tool - order your Loog Guitar today!

By purchasing through a link, I'll earn a commission. This is at no extra cost to you and helps me continue to create helpful content for musicians πŸ™‚
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