The Best 1/4 Size Guitar for Toddlers and Small Children 2024

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Best Nylon String
Cordoba Protege C1M
Cordoba Protege C1M
  • Good construction
  • A wonderful and traditional first guitar for younger players
  • Nylon stringed acoustic guitars are easier to learn on
Best Steel String
Loog Pro
Loog Pro
  • Comes with fun and engaging learning materials
  • An innovative design that helps young kids learn guitar with ease
  • It comes in various colors to match your child's personality
Best Electric
Loog Mini Electric
Loog Mini Electric
  • It comes in various colors to match your child's personality
  • The built-in amp and speakers are convenient and make it easy to travel with
  • It comes with interactive flashcards and an application that makes learning easy

Are you looking to get your small child into music but are unsure about what guitar you should purchase? If so, you’re in the right place!

Learning guitar is excellent for teaching discipline and expanding your child’s creativity. Still, you want to ensure that the process is fun and engaging so they can reap all the benefits.

This blog post will help you cut down your research process and show you the best 1/4 size guitar to purchase for your toddler or small child to keep them learning and growing in their musical skills.

Let’s get started!

The Best 1/4 Size Guitar with Nylon Strings

Editor's Choice for Nylon String Guitar
Cordoba Protege C1M

If you're looking for an acoustic guitar that's easy on the fingers and perfect for kids, look no further than the Cordoba Protege C1M.

This guitar has nylon strings, which are much easier on the fingers than metal strings. And with a neck that's not too wide, it's perfect for small hands.

Plus, Cordoba is known for making some of the best classical guitars in the world, so you can be sure this little guitar is well-made and sounds great.

Acoustic guitars with nylon strings are the easiest on the fingers for kids learning guitar. However, the challenge with most classical guitars is that they have wide necks making them difficult guitars for kids to play.

The Cordoba Protege C1M will give your little one a six-string acoustic guitar that is easy to play. The neck won’t feel too wide, and this instrument has better construction than other classical guitars in this price range.

Also, Cordoba is known for producing some of the best nylon string instruments today, and they bring this design expertise to the small guitar market.

This classical guitar is very well made and has surprisingly good sound quality despite its small size.

Some users have been disappointed with the intonation of this guitar. Still, this won’t be an issue for younger players who get the Cordoba for their first guitar.

If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-playing 1/4 size classical guitar for your child, then the Cordoba Protege C1M is a great choice.

  • Nylon stringed guitars are the easiest to play for kids
  • Cordoba is a well-respected brand for classical guitars
  • Great sound quality for such a small guitar
  • Intonation (tuning consistency) is a common problem with this guitar
  • The case is sold separately
Best Option For Learning
Loog Mini

Is your child begging to learn how to play the guitar? You're in luck! The Loog Mini is the perfect guitar for beginners.

Its small size makes it easy to hold and maneuver, and the three-string design makes it less daunting than a regular six-string guitar. Plus, the included flashcards and app make learning fun and engaging.

Also, the Loog Mini is well-built and comes in various colors - your child is sure to love it!

Loog Guitars has taken a different and more innovative approach to guitars for kids. The most significant difference between the Loog guitar and other guitars on this list is that Loog guitars only have three strings.

Some may look at this as an incomplete guitar. Still, it removes the top 3 strings from a regular six-string guitar, and your little one focuses on creating music with the three smallest strings of the guitar.

It also comes with flashcards and a very engaging and high-quality application to make the learning process fun for kids.

These guitars are also well built, come in various colors, can be purchased with a guitar strap, and will certainly be adored by you and your child.

Some parents may have one concern with the Loog Mini: the child isn’t learning on a full six-string guitar. While this is a legitimate concern (and why I didn’t put this as the editor’s choice for this category), I think Loog’s value in keeping kids interested in learning guitar can not be understated.

Suppose you are looking for an alternative and stylish guitar for your young child to learn guitar easily. In that case, the Loog Mini is a wonderful and affordable option.

  • A straightforward and fun guitar learning experience for kids
  • It comes in different colors to match your kid's personality
  • Great for kids 3 years and up
  • Your child will only learn "partial chords" because of the three strings
  • You're limited to Loog's guitar training because of the three strings

The Best 1/4 Size Guitar with Steel Strings

Editor's Choice for Steel String Guitar
Loog Pro

Are you looking for a modern steel string acoustic guitar just right for young kids? Look no further than the Loog Pro!

This guitar also has an interactive app and flashcards to help your child learn how to play guitar in a fun and engaging way. Get them started on their musical journey today with this great kid-sized acoustic guitar!

Another Loog on the list!

The Loog Pro is similar to the Loog Mini reviewed earlier; however, this Loog comes equipped with steel strings and has a longer scale length. This guitar will be more suitable for kids six and up.

The Loog Pro is a steel string guitar, so your child must push through a little “pain period” to build up a few finger callouses to make the playing more enjoyable. But because this guitar is so small, there will be less string tension, making the strings not as difficult to push down on as a full-size guitar.

The build quality is also high-quality for a kid’s guitar and is built of wood instead of plastic.

Also, like the Loog Mini, this guitar comes with flashcards and an interactive app that makes learning guitar easy and fun for children.

If your kid is looking to play guitar on a more modern-sounding instrument, the Loog Pro is a great option that will last them years until they are ready for a full-size guitar.

  • Extremely easy and comfortable for young children to hold and play
  • It comes with engaging learning materials that will help your child learn guitar faster
  • Excellent construction for a small, affordable guitar
  • Steel-string acoustic guitars are more painful on the fingers than nylon strings
  • The three strings might complicate the transition to traditional six-string guitars
Best Budget Steel String Guitar
Pyle Acoustic-Electric Guitar 30''

The Pyle 30'' acoustic guitar is excellent for parents who want their kids to learn on a traditional six-string guitar.

This steel-string acoustic guitar has built-in electronics, making it rare in this price range. The included accessories make this package a complete starter set for young beginners.

With everything your child needs to get started, the Pyle 30'' acoustic guitar is the perfect way to begin their musical journey.

Pyle acoustic guitars are feature-rich beginner instruments for young children between the ages of 5 and 8.

Pyle 30′‘ acoustic comes with everything your child needs to begin their guitar playing journey and includes built-in electronics. This is rare for a guitar in this price range and makes this steel-string acoustic package stand out.

While this isn’t the best-sounding or built 1/4 guitar size instrument on this list, it is a practical choice for parents who want their kids to learn on a traditional six-string guitar.

  • A starter kit that comes with all the essentials to get started
  • It has built-in electronics, so you can plug it into an amp for extra amplification
  • A great traditional steel-string acoustic guitar to get your kid learning at an early age
  • Nothing in this starter package is high quality
  • Made in China and the cheap design elements (decal inlays) reflect this

The Best 1/4 Size Electric Guitar

Editor's Choice for Electric Guitar
Loog Mini Electric

Looking for an electric guitar that's small but mighty? Meet the Loog Mini Electric.

This small electric guitar is perfect for kids inspired by alternative music styles. With a built-in amp and speaker, it's great for travel and entertaining your kid's "rock star" tendencies.

So if you're looking for an electric guitar that your small child will love to learn guitar on, look no further than the Loog Mini Electric.

Ok, if you have been reading each recommendation in this article, you will see that I’m a fan of the Loog Guitars for kids to learn with.

The Loog Mini Electric is for children inspired by more alternative styles. It’s a great option compared to other electric guitars because it has a built-in amp and speaker.

This makes this a great guitar to travel with and entertain your kid’s more “rock star” tendencies. It’s also worth mentioning that Loog makes a six-string version of this electric guitar, making it an excellent travel guitar for older kids.

The Loog Mini Electric comes with a volume and tone knob, single-coil lipstick pickup, is built of wood, and a choice of various colors. In simple terms, this guitar will sound better than other 1/4 sized electric guitars in this price range and is built to last.

The Loog Mini Electric isn’t the cheapest guitar for your child to learn on. Still, it’s the right guitar choice for easy-to-use learning resources, innovative features, and a wonderful aesthetic.

  • Made with real wood and has a solid build quality
  • It comes with interactive apps and flashcards that make learning easy
  • Has built-in amp and speakers that make it easy to travel with
  • More expensive than others on this list
  • To get the best electric tone, you'll want to purchase an amp
Best Budget Electric Guitar
LyxPro 30 Electric Guitar Starter Kit

Are you looking for a traditional starter electric guitar kit for your child? The LyxPro 30 Inch electric guitar has everything your little one needs to start their musical journey.

The LyxPro may not be the best electric guitar on the market, but it's perfect for beginner guitar players. However, as your child advances, you may want to consider upgrading the amplifier to get a better sound.

But overall, the LyxPro is a great starter electric guitar for kids.

If you’re after a traditional small electric guitar starter kit for your kid to learn, then the LyxPro 30 Inch electric guitar will give you everything your child needs to get started.

The LyxPro isn’t the best electric guitar on the market. Still, it will give your kid a proper six-string guitar and all the necessary accessories, like a clip-on tuner, amp, strap, and cables, to play their favorite songs and get them started on their guitar-playing journey.

Considering that this guitar package is aimed at beginner guitar players, you will suffer some quality issues with this instrument.

First, the low-quality tuners make keeping the guitar in proper tune challenging. However, as your kid learns the basics of playing, this won’t be a huge issue and won’t stop them from learning.

Second, as your child advances, the amplifier doesn’t have a pleasing tone and will need to be upgraded (along with the guitar).

However, suppose you’re looking for an affordable and traditional electric guitar package for your young child to learn on. In that case, the LyxPro 30 is a suitable choice.

  • It comes with everything your kid needs to get started
  • Great value for what you get
  • A "real electric guitar" for your kid to get started with
  • Doesn't stay in tune
  • Low-quality accessories will need to get upgraded as your child progresses

Buyer’s Guide for 1/4 Size Guitars

Looking for the best guitars for your little one can be daunting. The following section will help you understand what factors to consider when choosing the perfect guitar for your child.

The Challenge With Small Guitars

Small guitars for young kids will not be made of the highest quality materials, and your child will outgrow the instrument.

One common issue with small guitars is that there isn’t enough string tension to properly keep the guitar in tune. This problem is amplified (no pun intended) with guitars made with cheap materials.

Also, small guitars have a tiny and thin sound, which may not be the most pleasing for parents if they have to listen to their kid practice.

You may consider getting a bigger guitar size if your child is older. A 1/2 size guitar is an excellent option for kids between 5-8, and a 3/4 size guitar is great for kids between 8-12.

Nylon String Acoustic Guitar

Kid Playing Nylon String Guitar

Nylon strings, or classical guitars, are the easiest option for your young kid to learn guitar on. The string material is easy on the fingers and to press down.

However, the challenge with beginner classical guitars is that they lack in sound quality and can sound dull and lifeless. This may not be very inspiring for your little kid, especially if they are used to listening to more modern music.

However, nylon-stringed guitars are quiet and great for parents who live in smaller spaces and don’t want to hear their kids practicing.

Steel String Acoustic Guitar

Kid Playing Steel String Guitar

Acoustic guitars with steel strings are good for modern music like pop and country. The challenge with steel strings is that they are more painful on the fingers and can be hard to play for young kids. I recommend looking at a steel string for older kids 6 and older.

The benefit of steel-string acoustics is that they provide a solid foundation for learning and make transitioning to electric guitars more straightforward.

Electric Guitars

Kid Playing Electric Guitar

Electric guitars are easier to learn on than a steel string acoustic but not as easy as a nylon string. Electric guitars are what many children want to play. If you’re considering buying a guitar as a gift, an electric is a safe option.

Also, because you can add guitar pedals and effects with electric guitars, this makes them great for kids who want to be more creative in their playing.

The downside with electric guitars is that they need more equipment than an acoustic. Suppose you’re doing in-person lessons with a guitar teacher, or your kid wants to travel with it. In that case, you must consider bringing the amplifier, guitar, and cables.

Also, electric guitars are loud, so if you want a peaceful home while your kid learns the basics of playing, then an acoustic is a better choice.


When it comes to beginner instruments, you’re not going to get the highest-quality guitar. What you’re buying is the right guitar size for your kid to learn on easily.

As your kid progresses, you will need to upgrade to a more suitable guitar to help them move from beginner to intermediate and beyond.

Guitar Lessons

Most beginner guitar bundles will come with some type of learning material. There are also plenty of YouTube videos that can help your kid start learning.

However, your kid must have a good teacher or a structured program to keep them learning and having fun.

Loog Guitars, in my opinion, provides the best value for included learning applications and will ensure your kiddo stays engaged and progressing.


What Should You Look for In a Kid’s Guitar?

When looking for guitars for kids, it’s essential to consider the size and weight of the instrument. You don’t want something too heavy or bulky for your child to carry around and play with.

You’ll also want to find a guitar that’s the right size for your child. Guitars come in different sizes, so picking the best suited for your little musician is important.

What Age is a 1/4 Size Guitar for?

The best 1/4 sized instruments are most suitable for children between 3 and 6 years old.

You will want to consider a 1/2 size, 3/4 size, or even a full-size guitar for older children.

To Wrap Up

Buying a guitar is the way to go if you’re looking for an excellent way to help your young child learn discipline and expand their creativity.

If you’re looking for the best 1/4 size guitar in all categories, I’d suggest going with a Loog. Loog guitars might be unconventional, but they look great, are great for small hands, and come with excellent training material.

I wish you and your kid the best of luck in this exciting journey of becoming a musician.

Thanks for reading!

Best Nylon String
Cordoba Protege C1M
Cordoba Protege C1M
  • Good construction
  • A wonderful and traditional first guitar for younger players
  • Nylon stringed acoustic guitars are easier to learn on
Best Steel String
Loog Pro
Loog Pro
  • Comes with fun and engaging learning materials
  • An innovative design that helps young kids learn guitar with ease
  • It comes in various colors to match your child's personality
Best Electric
Loog Mini Electric
Loog Mini Electric
  • It comes in various colors to match your child's personality
  • The built-in amp and speakers are convenient and make it easy to travel with
  • It comes with interactive flashcards and an application that makes learning easy
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