The Best Taylor Acoustic Guitars for All Styles and Budgets in 2023

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Editor's Choice
814ce V-Class
814ce V-Class
  • It has an outstanding treble and bass response that is excellent for all styles of music
  • Hear every note with perfect precision with the V-Class Bracing
  • This guitar has a look that is effortlessly classy
Best Value
Academy 12e
Academy 12e
  • It's easy to play and comfortable for long periods
  • An excellent choice for players who struggle with bar chords
  • It's made of quality materials and excellent craftsmanship
For Recording
322ce 12-Fret V-Class
322ce 12-Fret V-Class
  • Get the tone you've always wanted with clarity and separation
  • Shorter neck for less fatigue and more enjoyable longer sessions
  • Compresses naturally for a more balanced and warm sound

The Challenge to Buying the Best Taylor Acoustic Guitar Today

It can be hard to find the best Taylor acoustic guitar. There are so many models, shapes, and wood combinations on the market, and it’s challenging to know which one would best suit your needs.

Especially when guitar shops aren’t carrying the number of guitars they used to. They have a lock on them when they do, and getting help from someone to let you try out multiple guitars can be challenging.

So choosing the right acoustic guitar has become a daunting process that takes hours of research, reading reviews, and watching videos.

So I created this article to help you by giving my take on what models are worth considering based on different situations and needs. This will save time for people who want concise lists, so they don’t get sucked into the gear lust rabbit hole or regret a purchase decision.

With this article, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your next guitar. We’ve got some great recommendations that will work for any budget, genre, or playing preference.

Let’s get started!

The Best Taylor Guitars in 2023 at a Glance

Editor's Choice
814ce V-Class

The Taylor 814ce acoustic guitar is a subtle work of art. With its Sitka Spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides, this guitar offers great dynamic range and excellent treble and bass response for all styles of music. 

The Rosewood construction slightly scoops out the mid-range, making it perfect for singer/songwriters to play on stage or unplugged at home. Plus, the hardshell case ensures your investment lasts a lifetime.

Don't miss your chance to pick up this fantastic guitar today!

The Taylor 814ce is an OG in the Taylor lineup and represents everything that makes a Taylor so popular.

Clear, articulate, modern sound…check.

Beautiful construction and appointments…check.

Innovative design and wonderful playability…check.

The 814ce is a high-quality acoustic guitar with its Sitka spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides. This tonewood pairing gives the guitar great dynamic range while also having outstanding treble and bass response that is excellent for all styles of music and playing styles.

Also, because rosewood slightly scoops out the mid-range, this acoustic guitar is perfect for singer/songwriters to play on stage or sitting on the couch unplugged at home.

This guitar comes standard with the innovative V-Class bracing designed by CEO, President, and Chief Guitar Designer Andy Powers. This bracing produces a more dynamic guitar with more sustain and better intonation than other guitars in its price range. You’ll also hear every note detail with perfect precision and balance.

The popular Grand Auditorium body style is a classic Taylor design that enhances the most comfortable playing experience with the Venetian cutaway and beveled rosewood armrest. The cutaway allows easier access to the top frets without sacrificing sound quality or volume, while the armrest makes for a comfortable, no fatiguing playing experience for hours.

This guitar also comes equipped with Taylor’s patented NT Neck, a godsend for anyone who has ever had to reset their guitar’s neck. It detaches from the instrument, making any necessary adjustments painless and inexpensive.

The rich, dark tones of an ebony fretboard and tropical mahogany neck combined with this guitar’s 1 3/4″ nut width play like butter. While the modern and brighter tone may not be for everyone, you can’t deny a Taylor’s effortlessly smooth and playable neck.

The 814ce comes with Maple bindings, mother-of-pearl fingerboard inlay, and an abalone rosette. The full gloss finish on top of this guitar gives it an effortlessly classy look that’s perfect for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd without being too flashy or attention-seeking.

The Taylor Expression System 2 (ES2) pickup system comes standard with this guitar. The ES2 system gives guitar players the sound they’ve been looking for while playing amplified. Made from a 3-section proprietary technology that places the pickup behind the saddle, producing a vibrant and natural tone when plugged into a PA or amp.

Simply put, this guitar is a work of art and deserves to be treated as such. It also comes with a hardshell case for when you’re not playing it or traveling, so your investment lasts a lifetime.

  • It produces a beautiful tone with great bass and treble response
  • You'll be able to hear every detail with perfect precision
  • It delivers more loudness, sustain, and stable intonation than other guitars in its price range, thanks to the V-Class bracing
  • Be confident in your guitar choice if your looking for a perfect modern acoustic guitar
  • This guitar is a serious investment
Best Value
Academy 12e

Looking for a reasonably priced yet still high-quality Taylor Acoustic? Look no further than the Taylor Academy 12e. 

This guitar features a Grand Concert body shape designed to reduce arm fatigue, making it perfect for long practice sessions or performances. The shorter 24.8" scale length is also "slinky" and easy to play, especially for beginners or those with smaller hands. 

If you're looking for a great value on a top-quality guitar, the Taylor Academy 12e is perfect for you!

The Taylor Academy 12e is a fantastic option if you’re looking for the best value with your acoustic guitar purchase without sacrificing tone or playability.

This guitar is perfect for beginners and advanced musicians alike. The Academy 12e has an elegant Grand Concert body that will make playing more comfortable and easy. There’s also a slope on the body’s edge to reduce arm fatigue when you’re playing for long periods.

The “slinky” feeling of the 24.8″ short scale length makes for a comfortable neck profile and something you won’t find with other guitars in this price range. It’s an excellent choice for players who struggle with bar chords and cowboy chords because it takes less pressure to sound the notes.

This guitar’s solid Sitka spruce top produces rich, dynamic tones. While the pairing of the layered Sapele back & sides surprisingly gives it depth and resonance beyond other laminated guitars in this price range.

The craftsmanship and playability of this guitar are also of the same standard as other premium Taylor Guitars models.

This guitar is perfect for any situation, whether you’re playing on stage or hanging out at home. If quality that won’t break the bank is desired, this excellent instrument won’t disappoint!

  • Great for beginners with a comfortable body
  • It comes with a premium gig bag
  • Equipped with built-in tuner and ES-B Pickups
  • You'll be able to play tricky chords with ease
  • Get the rich, dynamic tones you've always wanted in a budget guitar
  • The tone control is sonically limiting compared to other Taylor's ES2 systems
  • It doesn't look as stunning as other Taylor's on this list
Best for Budget
Big Baby Taylor

Looking for a budget-friendly guitar that doesn't skimp on quality or tone? Look no further than the Big Baby Taylor. 

This "shrunken dreadnought" is an incredibly comfortable guitar to play. Its premium Sitka spruce top and layered walnut back and sides produce a rounded, balanced tone that's hard to find in other budget guitars.

The Big Baby Taylor is the best acoustic guitar for someone who wants to buy a Taylor brand guitar but doesn’t want to spend a fortune.

It has a nice, cheery tone that plays excellent with any skill level, and its affordable price makes it easy on both your wallet AND conscience!

This “shrunken dreadnought” is an incredibly comfortable guitar to play. It produces a premium response with its solid Sitka spruce top. The layered walnut back and sides create that rounded, balanced tone you won’t often find in other budget guitars.

The ES-B electronics deliver a clean and clear plugged-in tone, so you can plug into an amp or PA system at your next gig without sacrificing tonal quality. It also includes a built-in tuner for quick and easy tweaking before performances.

Even though The Big Baby Taylor isn’t technically a full-size guitar, it still plays and sounds like one. This is the best option for joining the Taylor Acoustic Guitar family with good quality construction and tone without breaking your budget.

  • It comes with a gig bag
  • Nice, cheery tone
  • It produces a premium sound with its solid Sitka spruce top
  • Excellent construction
  • It's not a full-size acoustic guitar
  • While it's a "budget" guitar by Taylor's standards, it's expensive compared to other brands

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Check out my Best Acoustic Guitar Roundups for the following price ranges:

Best for Recording
322ceV 12-Fret V-Class

Looking to spend hours recording takes in the studio? Then you need the Taylor Guitars 322ceV 12-Fret.

Its shorter neck and Grand Concert body shape make it more comfortable to play for long periods. While still delivering the articulate, focused sound you need to create separation and clarity in your recordings.

Suppose you're looking for an acoustic guitar that will give you pristine sound during your recording sessions. In that case, the Taylor Guitars 322ceV 12-Fret is the perfect choice for you.

If you’re a musician looking to spend hours recording takes in the studio, then there’s no better guitar than Taylor Guitars 322ceV 12-Fret. Its shorter neck will make your session more enjoyable while reducing the fatigue that accompanies playing an instrument for long periods.

The Grand Concert body shape is a more intimate, articulate type of guitar that is perfect for recording purposes. The 12-fret models have less projection but create a more focused sound, creating separation and clarity in every note or chord.

The deep, warm tone created by the mahogany top and blackwood back and sides will make your acoustic guitar recordings shine with richness and clarity. Engineers love this type of wood for its natural compression, making it an excellent choice for all recording artists.

  • A shorter neck and petite body allows you to play for more extended periods without becoming tired
  • The tone is more intimate and articulate, perfect for recording purposes
  • You'll be able to record your music with clarity and precision
  • The all Mahogany construction will make your recordings shine with warmth and richness
  • 12-Fret design might feel too small for larger players
  • It's expensive
Best for Songwriters
717ce Builder's Edition

Looking for the perfect Taylor for singer-songwriters? Look no further than the Taylor 717e Grand Pacific.

Inspired by the sounds of Americana, country, and folk music, this guitar is sure to bring out the best in your songwriting. With its Grand Pacific rounded dreadnought body style, the 717e perfectly balances vintage warmth and modern playability.

So if you're looking for an acoustic guitar that sounds as good as it looks, the Taylor 717e Grand Pacific is a perfect choice.

The best Taylor acoustic guitars are known for their modern and articulate tone. This “pointy” tone isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Suppose you’ve been searching for a more organic, round, and vintage-sounding acoustic guitar. In that case, you may be more drawn to Gibson or Martin.

However, with the Grand Pacific rounded dreadnought body style, Taylor has thrown their hat in the wring for a guitar inspired by past songwriters.

Andy Powers has said with the Grand Pacific line of guitars, he was trying to capture the sound of old Americana, country, and folk music into the guitar itself.

The 717ce Builder’s Edition is one model that utilizes this rounded dreadnought shape. I think it perfectly balances vintage warmth and the modern playability Taylor is known for.

First, the 717ce features a torrified Sitka spruce top which artificially ages the wood to make it more worn in, round in tone, and resonant. The Indian Rosewood back and sides help extend the low and high-end of the instrument while slightly scooping out the mid-range. This opens up a pocket for the singing voice to live without fighting the guitar’s tone.

The Builder’s Edition of the 717ce adds subtle design details that make playing this guitar an absolute dream. First, the binding, ebony bridge, and neck heal are rounded for enhanced playability. Also, the Builder’s Edition has a nice compound neck with a soft V where you play cowboy chords, and it flattens out as you get up the neck.

You can get the 717 with either the ES2 pickup system or without (you’ll pay less). Still, for songwriters, I’d recommend investing a little more into the ES2 to be able to easily plug into any PA to bring this beautiful sound to the stage.

Suppose you’re looking for a Taylor guitar with everything you love about modern guitar design but with a vintage sensibility to inspire your songwriting. In that case, the 717ce Builder’s Edition is the guitar for you.

  • Get the round, organic tone of old Americana, country, and folk music with modern playability
  • Capture the sound of your favorite songwriters
  • The guitar is designed for enhanced playability, making it easier for you to create beautiful music
  • It's expensive
  • For the price, you could buy a brand that specializes in a more vintage tone
Best for Flatpicking and Strumming

Are you looking for an acoustic dreadnought that can really handle some aggressive strumming and flatpicking? Then the Taylor 618e is the perfect guitar for you. 

With its Grand Orchestra body shape and V-class bracing, this guitar is built for players who need volume and tonal balance. You'll be able to really rock out without sacrificing sound quality or muddying up your chords. 

So if you're looking for an acoustic guitar that can handle anything you throw at it, then the Taylor 618e is the perfect choice for you.

The Taylor Guitars 618e is an excellent dreadnought-style acoustic guitar for those looking to make their music stand out. This model offers plenty of volume and tonal chord balance with its Grand Orchestra body shape, making it perfect for heavy-handed strumming players.

The 618e is a rounded shoulder dreadnought guitar with V-class bracing with better projection and sustain than traditional x-bracing dreadnoughts. This means you can play at higher volumes without sacrificing sound quality and creating muddy chords. It also will help stand out in band situations where you need volume to cut through the mix.

  • Solid Sitka spruce top and figured maple back and sides provide outstanding tonal
  • With a hard strum, your guitar will increase in volume without decreasing in tone
  • This acoustic guitar cuts through the mix
  • Great low-end response without being muddy
  • The jumbo body might be uncomfortable for players with smaller frames
  • This guitar is extremely expensive
Best for Fingerstyle
PS12ce 12-Fret

The PS12ce 12-Fret is the perfect guitar for fingerstyle players. 

With its soundboard made from sinker redwood, this guitar delivers a resonant and punchy sound with warm undertones. The short scale length, slightly wider neck, and Grand Concert body size make it easy to play. At the same time, the sinker redwood provides excellent clarity, dynamics, and sustain.

So if you're looking for a guitar that'll make your fingers happy for a lifetime, you've found it!

The Taylor Guitars PS12ce is a dream guitar for fingerstyle players. It has a warm sound, a comfortable playing experience, and excellent playability.

However, this guitar is not cheap!

The soundboard is made with sinker redwood. Sinker redwood is a treasured tonewood with a resonant and punchy sound, with warm undertones. It is often referred to as “Cedar on Steroids.” The wood comes from giant aged redwood trees that have been stuck at the bottom of riverbeds in California for more than 100 years!

The back and sides are made with Honduran Rosewood, which adds balance and rich harmonics to the acoustic guitar’s tone.

The short scale length, slightly wider neck, and Grand Concert body size make for an easy-playing guitar. The tonewoods also help create the perfect blend of long sustain with clarity, so your notes are articulate without extra effort on behalf of your fingers or fretting hand.

The radius armrest in the guitar makes for a comfortable playing experience. At the same time, it’s West African Ebony fingerboard, and tropical mahogany neck couldn’t be more inviting.

This premium acoustic guitar is perfect for an experienced fingerstyle player. I guarantee that anyone who plays it will fall in love and have a guitar that will inspire beautiful music for the rest of their life.

  • Equipped with Taylor Guitars proprietary ES2 Pickup System
  • Beautiful appointments, inlays, and high-quality hardware
  • Each note will be articulate, balanced, and warm with little picking effort
  • It comes with a premium hardshell case
  • Unique soundboard made from a treasured tonewood
  • Innovative V-Class Bracing
  • The price of this guitar is not for the faint of heart
  • Is a $10,000 guitar that much better than a $2,000+ guitar?

There are plenty of other great fingerstyle acoustic guitars on the market. If you want to see my list of the best, please read my article The Best Fingerstyle Guitars for Acoustic Players and Songwriters.

Best for Versatility
T5z Custom K

Are you a performing musician looking for an acoustic guitar that responds and sounds as good as an electric? The T5z Custom K may be perfect for you. 

It features a beautiful AA Hawaiian koa top and Sapele backsides, providing great tone whether unplugged or amplified. Plus, the compact body will feel comfortable for solid-body electric players.  

So look no further than this unique Taylor hollow body if you're an acoustic guitarist with electric sensibilities!

If you want an acoustic guitar that feels and sounds like an electric, then the T5z Custom K may just be the guitar for you.

It has a beautiful AA Hawaiian koa top and Sapele backsides which provide a great tone when unplugged or amplified.

The compact body will feel right at home for solid-body electric players. The shorter scale length, fast action, and jumbo frets make fretting and bending strings easy.

This electric acoustic-electric hybrid features a dual pickup system that includes an acoustic body sensor, a concealed neck humbucker, and a visible bridge humbucker.

The T5z has been designed to be used in the most demanding and versatile situations without sacrificing sound quality or playability.

This truly unique instrument straddles the line between acoustic and electric guitars.

  • Never worry about sounding great unplugged or amplified again
  • Great for electric guitar players
  • Swiss army knife acoustic-electric guitar for live settings
  • The use case is specific and won't be for everyone
  • It's expensive
Best for Children
Baby Taylor Mahogany (BT2e)

The Baby Taylor BT2e acoustic-electric is perfect for young kids and beginners. 

It features a solid mahogany top and layered Sapele back & sides, which produces an even sound that helps players develop their skills. Plus, the 3/4 size dreadnought body is comfortable to hold and easy to play. 

Order your Baby Taylor today!

The Baby Taylor acoustic is a 3/4 size dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar. It features an impressive solid mahogany top and layered Sapele back & sides.

Mahogany is an excellent choice for young kids and beginners because of its natural compression abilities, which can help produce a more even sound. This is a significant benefit for players who haven’t developed the hand strength and technique to strum or pick evenly.

The Baby Taylor acoustic also features the great ES-B electronics that deliver great plugged-in tones and comes equipped with a built-in tuner.

The small size of this guitar makes it comfortable to play, especially for children or adults with smaller hands.

The ebony fretboard and bridge provide a smooth and easy playing experience. At the same time, the gig bag offers protection when traveling or dealing with outdoor weather conditions.

Overall, I’m impressed with the quality of this small-size guitar. It sounds excellent, the build is high-quality, and this guitar will last a lifetime!

  • Fun to play and easy to learn on
  • Solid mahogany top
  • It's a great size for kids and beginners
  • It has an impressive sound for its size
  • It has a built-in tuner and pickups
  • It comes with a gig bag
  • It's expensive for a kid's guitar
  • There's a chance of the guitar being too small as your child gets bigger

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Best Premium
PS14ce Honduran Rosewood

Looking for an outstanding acoustic guitar that will be the pride of your collection for a lifetime? Look no further than the PS14ce Honduran Rosewood. 

This magnificent instrument is made with rare sinker redwood, which gives it a rich, resonant sound with punchy bass and warm undertones. 

Also, you'll love the craftsmanship that has gone into this guitar - it's a beautifully hand-crafted instrument that will be the star of your collection.

The Taylor Guitars PS14ce is the bigger, bolder brother to the PS12ce. This model features its predecessor’s best qualities with an even larger body and longer scale length. Making it more suited for grandeur performances or recording sessions where you want that full-range tone and volume.

If you’re looking for a guitar that can do it all, this one may be what your ears are craving. It’s a beautifully hand-crafted guitar that will be the prized instrument in any guitar collection.

  • It has both the warm overtones of cedar and the dynamic range of solid spruce
  • It's got a beautiful, rich tone
  • Beautiful hand-crafted guitar made in the USA
  • The price of this guitar is not for the faint of heart
  • Is a $10,000 guitar that much better than a $2,000+ guitar?
Best Under $2,000
AD17e American Dream

Suppose you're looking for an acoustic guitar with all the features of a high-end instrument but without a high-end price tag. In that case, you need to check out the Taylor AD17e American Dream. 

The AD17e features a solid Sitka Spruce top and solid Ovangkol back and sides, giving it a rich, full sound with plenty of projection. It also has a Grand Pacific body style, giving it fantastic overtones and dynamic range. And because it's a Taylor, you know it's built to last.

And with its timeless design, this guitar is sure to become a classic in your collection. So don't wait – order your Taylor AD17e American Dream guitar today!

Taylor guitars make premium guitars that often cost several thousand dollars for their mid-tier guitars.

However, with the 2020 Pandemic, Taylor Guitars released their American Dream series of acoustic guitars. These guitars are all solid wood and made in the USA.

They feature Taylor’s innovative V-class bracing, which provides superior intonation, sustain, and resonance to the guitar’s tone. These guitars also look timeless and come equipped with Taylor’s patented ES2 pickup system for an extra charge.

This makes the American Dream series the best Taylor acoustics for under $2,000.

While there are a few different models to choose from, and they are all excellent instruments, the Taylor AD17e stands out as the frontrunner for versatility, tone, and playability.

This guitar has beautiful overtones, dynamic range, and projection, featuring Taylor’s Grand Pacific body design with a solid spruce Sitka Spruce top and solid Ovangkol back and sides. There’s a fantastic roundness and balance to the tone with that classic acoustic guitar tone you’ve heard on countless records.

The Sitka Spruce version of the American dream comes in two different finishes, either natural or a blacktop. The blacktop version has an effortlessly cool look that seems like it was taken right out of the hands of Johnny Cash.

The American Dream series has the same outstanding playability as all other premium Taylor Guitars.

Also, this guitar comes with a superb, lightweight aerocase that will ensure extra protection to your investment from bumps, dings, and warping.

Suppose you are looking for a premium Taylor guitar for a reasonable price. In that case, the AD17e American Dream is the guitar you shouldn’t sleep on.

  • Get a premium USA-made Taylor without paying the premium price
  • Fantastic build quality and incredible versatility that will suit all types of players and genres
  • It comes with a high-quality aerospace gig bag
  • You have to pay extra for the ES2 electronics
  • Lack of cutaway makes accessing upper frets difficult

Have you ever wondered what the best guitar brands on the market are today? Well, I created an ultimate acoustic guitar brand guide and buyer’s guide to help you choose your perfect guitar. Check it out today!

Best for Traveling
Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Plus

Looking for a guitar that's small enough to travel with but still mighty in its tone? The Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Plus is the perfect instrument for players on the move.

Don't let its size fool you - this guitar packs a serious punch, with a deep and resonant sound that belies its size. The shorter scale makes it easy to play, and the sleek and beautiful design is sure to turn heads.

The GS Mini-e Koa Plus is the perfect guitar for any experienced player looking for an instrument that will continue to inspire them on life's many adventures.

The Taylor GS Mini guitars are essentially 3/4 size guitars with the playability and tone of a full-size guitar. However, they can easily be stored in an overhead bin or in the trunk of a car.

While small guitars lack depth and resonance in their tone, the GS Mini has a deep and resonant sound. A tone that is objectively better than most affordable full-size guitars in a similar price range.

This is due to the scalloped X-bracing and sightly larger soundhole to help the projection and tone of the acoustic guitar.

The Taylor GS Mini-e (e stating it comes with electronics) comes in many different tonewood varieties like solid mahogany or spruce. While each has its tonal flavor and aesthetic, the Koa-topped GS Mini has a dynamic and diverse tone that is perfect for a wide range of music and looks beautiful.

The Koa Plus has a solid wood top and laminated Koa back and sides. The tonewood wood has a rich mid-range presence, like mahogany-topped guitars, but also has a snappy brightness similar to spruce.

This makes it an incredibly versatile guitar that responds well to flatpicking and fingerpicking strumming styles.

The “Plus” designation means that this GS Mini-e comes with Taylor’s innovative and proprietary ES2 electronics and pickup system installed in their full-sized guitars. The ES2 is famous for keeping the integrity of the acoustic sound while plugged into a PA and amplifier, making this guitar an excellent option for gigging musicians.

What also makes this a great acoustic guitar for traveling is the upgraded premium aerospace gig bag also offers superior protection while being extremely lightweight.

When you invest in a Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Plus, you will have a guitar you can travel with without sacrificing playability or tone.

  • A wonderful sounding guitar that can fit into an overhead bin on an airplane
  • It comes with a high-quality aerospace gig bag
  • Koa is a visually striking tonewood that is sure to turn heads and start conversations
  • You have to pay extra for the ES2 electronics
  • Lack of cutaway makes accessing upper frets more difficult

Buyers Guide for Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Suppose you have been shopping around trying to find the best Taylor guitars. In that case, the following guide will help you narrow down other options that weren’t in my best Taylor Acoustic guitar reviews.

Body Styles

One of the most significant factors to consider before purchasing any guitar is to decide what shape you want the body to be.

Here is a breakdown of each Taylor Guitar body shape with its use case.

Baby Taylor Guitar


The small size of this Dreadnought acoustic guitar is a perfect starter guitar for youngsters and travelers alike.

The Baby size can also be used for other creative purposes like lap-steel playing and producing alternative acoustic tones for recording.

Popular model:

Taylor Swift Baby Taylor (TSBTe)

Taylor GS Mini e Guitar

GS Mini

The mini GS Taylor guitar is a fun and comfortable option for young adults at an intermediate level.

This 3/4-sized guitar makes it perfect for those with petite frames and those that want a guitar that is easy to travel with.

Popular model:

Taylor GS Mini E

Big Baby Taylor Guitar

Big Baby

The Big Baby Taylor guitar design has long been a favorite among budding acoustic musicians. The guitar’s easy-to-play, comfortable performance can help many beginning players grow.

The lightweight feel of this affordable range makes it perfect for taking on trips or as your “lounging-on-the-couch” guitar.

Popular model:

Big Baby Taylor (BBT)

Taylor GT Body

Taylor GT (Grand Theatre)

Taylor’s most petite body shape in their full-sized guitars lineup. The GT body was inspired by the big tones of their biggest body guitar, the Grand Orchestra.

This small body guitar is the perfect option for players with small hands and people who want something comfortable and portable that doesn’t skimp out on that sacred tone.

This is the perfect body shape for that “campfire guitar.”

Popular model:

GTe Urban Ash

Grand Concert Body

Grand Concert

The grand concert model is similar to a parlor shape but with more clarity and depth. If you’re looking for a comfortable acoustic guitar that will shine when playing fingerstyle. For recording, the Grand Concert is also the shape for you!

Popular model:

The Taylor Academy 12e

Taylor Grand Auditorium Guitar

Grand Auditorium

The grand auditorium guitar is the most versatile shape in the Taylor Guitars’ lineup. If you want something that can do fingerstyle, flat-picking, and strumming well, then a grand auditorium should be your go-to guitar shape.

The grand auditorium is the Taylor Acoustic Guitar shape that has defined the brand for decades.

Popular model:


Taylor Grand Pacific Body

Grand Pacific

Taylor’s grand pacific body type is a variation on the classic dreadnought. The rounded shoulders of the guitar’s body create excellent projection and musical overtones, making it perfect for rock, blues, and folk-style playing.

If you’re a rhythm player and songwriter who mainly plays cowboy chords, then this guitar shape is an excellent choice for you.

Popular model:

Taylor Dreadnought Body



There aren’t many Taylor guitar models that have the classic dreadnought shape. The re-envisioned Grand Pacific Taylor model has replaced it.

However, if you are looking for a Taylor acoustic that mimics the classic, you can find it in the 110e.

Taylor Grand Symphony Body

Grand Symphony

The grand symphony is described as a supercharged grand auditorium body shape.

The sound of this body style will be bright and percussive, with strong volume when strumming or flat-picking.

Its elegant performance and playability are perfect for acoustic guitarists who want to make their guitar playing felt by the audience.

Popular models:


Taylor Grand Orchestra Bodey

Grand Orchestra

The grand orchestra is the perfect body style for a loud, dynamic, and complex sound. Especially if you want something that can fill an entire room.

Acoustic guitars that have this body produce big, rich lows and thick trebles.

If you’re a stage performer, this guitar shape might be just what you’re looking for.

Popular models:



When choosing the best Taylor guitar, you must consider what woods will produce your desired sound. Not only do tonewoods affect acoustic guitar tone, but they also shape their dynamic range and playability.

The Soundboard

The soundboard (or top wood) is the most essential tonewood of an acoustic guitar. When shopping for your next Taylor guitar, you will traditionally run across four different top-woods for the soundboard.

Spruce Wood


Acoustic guitars are often made with solid spruce, the most popular top wood. Solid spruce is a softwood with a wide dynamic range and sonic versatility.

Taylor guitars will use multiple different spruce species for their guitars. The spruce used is:

  • Solid Sitka Spruce: Versatile and dynamic
  • Solid Lutz Spruce: Rich and loud
  • Solid Engelmann Spruce: Warmer, more mid-range focused tone
  • Solid European Spruce: Great dynamics and warm overtones
  • Solid Adirondack Spruce: Loud, dynamic, and clear tone
Mahogany Wood


Mahogany is a hard, dark wood with a rich midrange and less dynamic range than other top woods.

Mahogany is an excellent option for recording artists and guitarists with uneven strumming techniques.

Cedar Wood


Cedar is a softwood that responds quickly to delicate touch. It can be warm and percussive, making it perfect for fingerstyle and classical players.

In fact, cedar is often found on nylon-stringed guitars.

The downfalls of cedar are that the sound doesn’t hold up well to hard picking or strumming and can be prone to cracking.

Cedar-topped guitars are often found in the Taylor 500 series range.

Koa Wood


Hawaiian koa wood is similar in characteristic to mahogany. However, Koa wood has a brighter sound, making koa a great guitar option for those who play the pads of their fingers and need the extra treble response.

If you are a player with a pick or don’t like overly bright acoustic guitars, then this top wood might not suit your playing style.


Sinker Redwood

A visually appealing and rare tonewood, sinker redwood is often described as “cedar on steroids.”

It has the warmth of cedar but responds more like a Sitka spruce top creating more dynamics. It makes it great for a player who plays with a light and heavy touch.

Beware, Taylor Acoustic guitars with sinker redwood are about as expensive as it gets.

Body Woods

Taylor guitars are known for their alternative wood choices and sustainable business practices. They have many body and neck tonewoods to pair with the top wood throughout their other guitar models.

The wood used for the body and sides adds additional flavor and “seasoning” to the guitar’s tone.

The best Taylor guitars offer classic body tonewoods like solid Indian Rosewood, Mahogany, Sapele, and Maple. However, they also introduced sustainable guitar woods such as Ovangkol to the guitar world.

For most of the guitars you would purchase from Taylor, you will most likely find it to be the traditional tonewoods mentioned above; however, you will discover a variety of unique options for their more premium guitars.

Suppose you want to dive deeper into tonewoods used for different Taylor Guitars. In that case, their website has a breakdown and descriptions of the body tonewoods that they use(1).

How to read model numbers

To more easily navigate Taylor’s many acoustic guitar offerings, you will need to understand how they label their guitars.

Here is a guide to help you out with the general number system:

The first number represents the wood type (i.e., 714):

1Solid Sitka Spruce Top with Layered Walnut Body
2Solid Sitka Spruce Top with Choice of Layered Wood Body
3Either Spruce Top with Sapele Body or Mahogany Top with Blackwood Body (All Solid Wood)
4Solid Spruce Top with a Choice of Ovangkol or Rosewood Body (All Solid Wood)
5Either Solid All Mahogany Body or Cedar Top with Mahogany Body (All Solid Wood)
6Solid Spruce Top with Maple Body (All Solid Wood)
7Solid Spruce Top with Indian Rosewood Body (All Solid Wood)
8Solid Spruce Top with Indian Rosewood Body (All Solid Wood)
9Solid Spruce Top with Indian Rosewood Body (All Solid Wood)
KKoa Wood Series
GTGrand Theatre Body Style
PTPresentation Series

The second number represents whether it is a six-string or twelve-string guitar (ie 724 is a twelve-string).

The third number represents the body size (i.e., 714):

NumberBody Style
2Grand Concert
4Grand Auditorium
6Grand Symphony
7Grand Pacific
8Grand Orchestra

Some numbers can come after this number to designate it’s a cutaway “c” and has electronics “e.”

If there is an “N” after, it specifies a nylon-stringed guitar over a steel-stringed guitar.

V-Class Bracing vs. X-Bracing

Head luthier Andy Powers innovated acoustic guitar design when he introduced V-Class bracing in 2018.

V-Class revolutionizes acoustic guitar playing by improving the guitar’s volume, sustain, and intonation.

This bucked the conventional wisdom that the best way to structure the interior of a guitar was with X-bracing that Martin Guitars designed over a century ago.

V-Class Bracing is one of the features that makes Taylor Guitars stand out against the competition.

Taylors Patented NT Neck

Founder Bob Taylor invented the patented NT neck back in 1999. This neck has superior playability to other acoustic guitars and is incredibly easy to take off and adjust.

Other manufacturers glue the neck at the 14th fret, while Taylor goes all the way up to the 19th fret and bolts it in. This helps keep the neck straight while decreasing the chances the neck will warp and bow.

This innovative feature will save you tons of money later down the road if you ever need a neck reset.

Taylors Expression System 2 Pickups

The Expression System 2 is an innovative pickup system for acoustic guitars. Instead of placing the pickup directly underneath the guitar’s saddle, it is placed behind the saddle with three calibrated pickup sensors.

The most prominent problem players face with an acoustic-electric guitar is it doesn’t sound great when plugged in.

When plugged into a PA or amp, this innovation gives your guitar a more natural and true-to-tone signal, which is a giant leap forward in DI acoustic guitar sounds.

Manufacturing Innovation

It can be challenging to buy a new guitar without playing it first. However, as Guitar Center and other music shops carry less-and-less inventory, buying guitars online is becoming the norm.

Taylor Guitar’s factories use state-of-the-art technology that ensures consistency, quality, and playability in all of their guitars.

There isn’t such a thing as a lemon in the Taylor lineup. You can buy a Taylor acoustic with confidence; it will be high quality all around.


Bob Taylor has made it his company’s mission to preserve timber and to produce guitars sustainably and ethically.

He has made great strides in sustainable manufacturing, including:

  • Creating an eco-friendly polyester guitar finish that does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • NT Neck design increased the number of necks supplied per tree by 50%
  • Taylor donates wood scraps to be transformed into toys for orphanages in Mexico.
  • Taylor sustainably harvests woods and works/owns an ebony mill and Koa farm.


Here are some answers to the most popular questions about the best Taylor acoustic guitars:

Are Taylor Guitars worth the money?

In short, yes!

Taylor Guitars are expertly made and easy-to-play high-end acoustic guitars that are built to last. You’ll be proud of your Taylor in any setting – they’re a worthy investment for serious guitar players.

While Taylor Guitars prices were used to be considered too expensive, in recent years, they have come out with guitars (most notably the Academy Series) that maintain cutting-edge design and playability but made them more affordable for the everyday player.

Do Taylor Guitars sound better with age?

Like all exceptional guitars built with solid wood, the guitar will open up and develop a more complex and rich sound over time.

Taylor Guitars are no different.

Are Taylor Guitars good for fingerstyle?

Absolutely! With the V-Class Bracing system, A Taylor guitar will respond to a lighter touch with greater volume, sustain, and more articulate sound.

They also have plenty of guitar body styles like the Grand Concert and GT, perfect for fingerstyle playing.

Is Taylor Guitars better than Martin Guitars?

This is subjective.

Both guitar companies produce high-quality guitars and have incredibly talented luthiers working for them.

Generally speaking, Taylor has a brighter, more modern sound. While
Martin Guitars has a mid-range and classic sound.

As a guitar player, you can’t go wrong with either brand.

What strings come with Taylor Guitars?

When you purchase a Taylor Guitar, they will come with Elixir strings.

Why didn’t you include any Taylor 12-String acoustic guitars?

Because they are specialty-style instruments with varied use cases, I did not include any Taylor 12-string acoustic guitars on my list.

However, I created a separate article titled “The Best 12-String Acoustic Guitars for Every Style in 2023“ that includes some Taylor 12-Strings on this list if you’re interested.

Why aren’t there any acoustic bass guitars on this list?

You may have noticed that I didn’t include any acoustic short-scale bass guitars on this list. Acoustic bass guitars are a breed all their own, so I created an article that goes over the best bass acoustic guitars that you can check out here.

To Wrap Up

The best Taylor guitar regarding playability, history, price, features, and sound is the 814ce V-Class with the grand auditorium body style.

Suppose you are looking for a guitar that will last you a lifetime and maintain playability through the years. In that case, a Taylor guitar is the way to go!

Editor's Choice
814ce V-Class
814ce V-Class
  • It has an outstanding treble and bass response that is excellent for all styles of music
  • Hear every note with perfect precision with the V-Class Bracing
  • This guitar has a look that is effortlessly classy
Best Value
Academy 12e
Academy 12e
  • It's easy to play and comfortable for long periods
  • An excellent choice for players who struggle with bar chords
  • It's made of quality materials and excellent craftsmanship
For Recording
322ce 12-Fret V-Class
322ce 12-Fret V-Class
  • Get the tone you've always wanted with clarity and separation
  • Shorter neck for less fatigue and more enjoyable longer sessions
  • Compresses naturally for a more balanced and warm sound
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