The 13 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands with Buyer’s Guide 2024

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Navigating the world of acoustic guitars can feel like a maze, especially if you’re getting those fingers strumming. With many brands and styles, it’s easy to get lost in the options.

Having spent over 25 years with a guitar in my hands, I’ve had the pleasure (and sometimes, the pain) of playing a wide variety. Some made me want to play all night, others… well, let’s say I’ve played my share of duds.

From this vast experience, I’ve compiled a list of the best acoustic guitar brands that have genuinely impressed me. I’ve likely missed a few crowd-pleasers (there’s a universe of guitars out there), but here’s a heads-up: if you don’t find a match from this list, maybe you’re meant to rock the drums instead 🙂

Without further ado, let’s delve into the top acoustic guitar brands available today. Oh, and stick around for an acoustic guitar buyer’s guide – it might just be the compass you need in this guitar jungle.

Shall we?

The Short Answer:

When it comes to music, there’s a personal connection between a player and their instrument. The best acoustic guitar brands have a unique way of resonating with specific musicians. It’s all about that synergy, where the guitar embodies the music you dream of creating.

If I had to pick a brand close to my heart, it’s Taylor Guitars. When I think of Taylor, words like quality, variety, sustainability, and crisp tone come to mind. Picking up a Taylor feels like a promise – that every note will sound as you imagine.

But then, there’s also something special about Guild Guitars. They’ve got this raw, genuine vibe slightly different from the rest. They feel honest, grounded, and every strum tells a story.

Of course, there’s a whole world of guitars out there. So, if you’re curious, dive into the rest of my picks. They’re not ranked, but each has its own charm that might become your forever guitar.

-Brad Johnson (Founder and Writer of Song Production Pros)

The Unparalleled Charm of Taylor Guitars: My Top Pick

My Top Choice
Taylor Guitars

Price: $$-$$$$

Availability: Easy to Find

Diverse Model Offerings: Yes!

Electronics: Proprietary ES System

Does it Come With a Case?: All Guitars

Dive into the world of Taylor Guitars—a symphony of impeccable craftsmanship, diverse range, and unmatched playability.

While their bright tone might not be everyone's cup of tea, there's no denying the artistry in every strum. Experience Taylor; find your musical soulmate.

  • Consistent Quality: Taylor guarantees top-notch craftsmanship across all models, making them a safe choice for online buying
  • Diverse Range: Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned player, Taylor has a guitar tailored to your needs and tonal preferences
  • Smooth Playability: The Taylor guitar neck is a dream to play, with its seamless design ensuring easy transitions on the fretboard
  • Tone Might Be Too Bright: For some, Taylor's signature bright tone might not hit the sweet spot, especially if they prefer deeper, woodier sounds
  • Modern Aesthetics: The contemporary design might not resonate with traditionalists seeking a vintage guitar look

My Thoughts:

Picture this: You’re on a quest for an acoustic guitar that is not just a musical instrument but an extension of your soul. Taylor Acoustic Guitars should be your next stop if you’re nodding right now.

Flashback to 2006: I stared wide-eyed at my newly purchased Taylor (514ce Cedar Top). Fast forward to today, and that beauty still has a permanent spot in my jamming sessions. It’s not just a guitar to me; it’s a trusted companion.

Here’s the thing about Taylor: They don’t just manufacture guitars; they sculpt stories. From their beginner-friendly Academy Series (an absolute treat for new acoustic guitar players) to their impeccably made but extremely high-end Presentation Series, they’re in a league of their own.

In this e-commerce era, trusting an online guitar purchase feels like a gamble. But with Taylor’s impeccable manufacturing standards, it’s more of a safe bet. What are the odds of getting a dud? Almost zero.

Now, let’s be honest. Every rose has its thorn. Some feel that Taylor’s tone is a tad bright, especially if the woody undertones of other brands have wooed you. And if you’re a vintage enthusiast, their modern aesthetics might take a minute to grow on you. But hang on! Their American Dream Series is a nod to the good ol’ classic body styles.

The best part? Taylor’s expansive range ensures you’ll find a perfect match for your unique tonal style. The modern and forward-thinking designs have paved the way for V-Class Bracing and the Expression System pickup design.

And oh, the Taylor guitar neck! It’s like velvet under your fingers, making those swift fret moves feel like a dance, no matter what model you pick up.

Looking back, choosing Taylor was one of my best decisions. Give it a shot, and I bet you’ll echo my sentiments soon!

A Quiet & Colored Legacy: Guild Acoustic Guitars

My Runner Up
Guild Acoustic Guitars

Price: $-$$$$

Availability: Easy to find

Diverse Model Offerings: No

Electronics: In some models

Does it Come With a Case?: Yes, with their more expensive guitars

Dive into the world of Guild Acoustic Guitars, where each strum echoes deep, woody resonance.

Trusted by legends, these guitars offer a rich tonal palette, especially their iconic 12-strings. They're not just instruments; they're stories waiting to be discovered.

  • Deep, Woody Tone: Guild guitars offer a resonant and inviting sound that sets them apart in the acoustic landscape
  • Quality Construction: Crafted meticulously, Guilds are known for their durability and attention to detail
  • Iconic 12-String Models: Trusted by legends like Tom Petty and David Gilmour, their 12-string models are hard to beat in tonal richness
  • Distinct Sound: The unique vintage warmth of Guild might not align with those on the hunt for a brighter, more modern tone
  • Limited Lineup Variety: Guild offers a somewhat restricted range in their guitar lineup, which may not cater to all preferences

My Thoughts:

So, you’ve probably heard of Guild. If not, let me catch you up. Started in the early ’50s, they’ve got this rich tapestry of history woven with twists and turns. It’s like that one friend who’s traveled everywhere and has countless tales to share.

Guild introduced the world to the cutaway dreadnought and even pioneered 12-string dreadnought shapes. Speaking of 12-strings, Jimi Hendrix? He snagged a left-handed F-212 12-string from Guild in the heart of NYC. Now, that’s a fun bit.

Modern Guilds, like the M20 and D20, have this deep, woody tone. It’s like a campfire conversation — warm, inviting, and a tad mysterious. In my local guitar shop filled with other guitar giants, these Guilds often stand their ground and sing their own tunes. So much so that I almost impulse-purchased the M20 because it was that good

Now, if you’re hunting for a 12-string, the F-512 is where it’s at (at a premium price). Icons like Tom Petty and David Gilmour thought so, too. On the flip side, if vintage is your vibe, you might find a Vintage Guild that’s light on the wallet if you get your timing right.

But here’s the scoop: Guild isn’t for everyone. It’s warm, vintage, and perfect for those who pen ballads by moonlight. Maybe look elsewhere if you’re after something a bit more modern and versatile. Still, Guild? Definitely worth the strum.

The Vintage Kingpin: C.F. Martin & Company (Martin Guitars)

Best Traditionalist Styles & Tone
Martin Guitars

Price: $$-$$$$

Availability: Easy to Find

Diverse Model Offerings: Yes

Electronics: Various

Does it Come With a Case?: All Models

Dive into Martin Guitars, where history meets innovation. From pioneering designs to timeless tones, experience acoustic excellence spanning budgets.

Yet, tradition dictates feel—test before you treasure!

  • Rich Heritage: Pioneered iconic guitar designs such as the Dreadnought body style and X-Bracing
  • Signature Sound: Classic, matured mid-range tone found in numerous records.
  • Range for All: From intermediate-friendly to artisan-crafted customs, there's a Martin for every guitarist
  • Online Buying Caution: Since the feeling of a Martin can be hit or miss, in my opinion, it might be a consideration for those buying online without testing first to make sure you like it

My Thoughts:

Dive into the pages of acoustic guitar history, and one name will emerge as a beacon of tradition: Martin Guitars. Established in 1833, they’re not just an acoustic guitar brand but the architects of modern guitar design.

Fun fact: Martin Guitars introduced the world to the iconic Dreadnought style and the innovative X-Brace design. These creations? They’re the backbone of countless guitars across brands even today.

But it’s not just about groundbreaking designs. Play a Martin, and you’re greeted with a classic, mature mid-range sound. It’s that signature Martin tone—etched in the annals of countless records—a sound that wraps you in nostalgia and warmth.

Sure, Martin is synonymous with premium acoustics. But their collection? It’s a broad spectrum. From the intermediate-friendly Road Series to the artisan-crafted customs, they’ve got the keys to every guitarist’s heart.

Here’s the Martin mantra if you ask me: They don’t just craft guitars—they curate traditions. Martin ensures every guitarist finds their perfect strumming partner regardless of budget or playing style.

Now, every love story has its quirks. While I’ve always been enchanted by Martin’s tones, their feel has been hit or miss. This distinct feeling is likely rooted in their bluegrass heritage, which traditionally favored guitars with a higher action. It’s an authentic nod to tradition, but it’s something to consider for a modern player like me, especially if you’re considering purchasing a Martin online without trying it out first.

In conclusion, Martin Guitars stands tall as a monument in the acoustic guitar world, blending history with innovation.

They capture what many seek in an acoustic guitar: rich tradition, iconic sound, and undeniable craftsmanship. While every instrument has its peculiarities, the magic of Martin lies in its storied legacy, which continues to resonate with each strum.

The Boutique Maestro: Collings Guitars

Best Boutique
Collings Guitars

Price: $$$$

Availability: Hard to Find

Diverse Model Offerings: Yes

Electronics: N/A

Does it Come With a Case?: All Models

Collings Guitars: Handcrafted in Austin, exuding unparalleled authenticity.

For the discerning musician seeking an acoustic masterpiece, Collings offers a unique, captivating experience—but at a premium.

  • Pricey Affair: With even their entry-level guitars priced above $3,000, Collings might be out of reach for many
  • Limited Availability: Due to their exclusivity, Collings guitars are primarily found in small, family-run guitar shops, making them hard to find
  • Meticulously Handcrafted: Each Collings guitar is an expertly crafted piece of art, built with a keen eye for detail in Austin, TX
  • Unique Aura & Feel: These guitars resonate with an authenticity that captivates discerning players, offering an unparalleled playing experience
  • Prestigious User Base: Many renowned musicians, from Keith Richards to Conan O'Brien, have chosen Collings as their guitar of choice

My Thoughts:

From Austin, TX, comes a brand that stands tall in boutique guitars: Collings. Handcrafted with precision and an unyielding attention to detail, every Collings guitar is a testament to craftsmanship.

A moment from my past springs to mind—I vividly recall trying out a Collings at my local shop. The strings under my fingers felt different, almost alive, as if the guitar had its own heartbeat. That’s the magic I find in a Collings acoustic guitar.

But, it’s important to note that this isn’t a brand for the casual or budget-conscious strummer. The price tag? Starting at a whopping $3,000. But, if you’re in the market for a guitar that’s not just an instrument but an heirloom, every penny spent on a Collings will echo in its sound.

The industry’s elite have noticed. An impressive array of artists swear by their Collings, from the iconic Keith Richards to the hilarious Conan O’Brien.

However, their exclusivity is a double-edged sword. You won’t find a Collings in every guitar store. They seem to cherish a closer relationship with small, family-owned shops, ensuring a curated customer experience. These guitars are for seasoned players, those who know the nuances of what they seek in their instrument.

While some might argue they’re overpriced compared to peers, one thing is undeniable: Collings Guitars have a special place in the heart of boutique guitar aficionados.

The stylistic elements should help guide the reader’s eyes and emphasize key points.

The Vintage Songsmith’s Choice: Gibson Acoustic Guitars

Best for Songwriters
Gibson Acoustic Guitars

Price: $$$-$$$$

Availability: Medium difficulty, depending on the model

Diverse Model Offerings: No

Electronics: Various

Does it Come With a Case?: All Models

Experience the soul of vintage sound with Gibson Acoustic Guitars.

Unmatched in a warm tone, and style that is steeped in history, they're not just instruments—they're musical legacies. Dive into nostalgia with every strum.

  • Distinctive Tone: Warm, vintage sound that sets them apart in the acoustic world.
  • Unique Design: Shorter-scale guitars offer easy playability and a distinct voice.
  • Iconic Legacy: Deep roots in music history, especially with revered models like the round-shouldered dreadnought and Super Jumbo
  • Quality Assurance Concerns: Recent whispers about build inconsistencies and potential quality issues
  • Price Tag: Often positioned at a higher price point, which may not be accessible to all

My Thoughts:

Gibson Guitars — a name that resonates with the soulful strains of rock n’ roll, blues, and the heartfelt ballads of yesteryears. While today’s limelight often shines on their electric sibling, the Les Paul, Gibson’s roots trace back to the crafting of exquisite acoustic instruments in 1902.

A hallmark of Gibson Acoustics? Their distinctive warm and vintage tone is characterized by a muted high-end response. These aren’t just guitars; they’re time machines that take you on a nostalgic journey with every strum.

Craftsmanship finds a home in Bozeman, Montana, where every Gibson acoustic takes shape. Their designs stand out, marrying elegance and iconic aesthetics. Among the myriad, the round-shouldered dreadnought and Super Jumbo are not just guitars; they’re legends in their own right, coveted by many a guitarist.

A unique feature? Most Gibson acoustics sport a shorter-scale design. This not only offers easy playability but infuses them with a distinct voice. Every Gibson I’ve strummed has an individual character, setting it apart from other major brands leaving a lasting impression.

Yet, no brand is without its controversies. Whispers of inconsistencies in Gibson’s quality assurance have made rounds. Detractors point to potential sloppy builds, although this is a point I can’t personally vouch for. Want a deep dive into the matter? Driftwood Guitars took a hands-on approach, dissecting a Generation Series Gibson in a tell-all video, which you can watch here.

In conclusion, Gibson Acoustic Guitars are a testament to time-honored craftsmanship, imbued with a voice that stands out in the crowd. Their unique character and historical significance make them a choice worth considering for any vintage soul songwriter.

Gibson’s Spirited Sibling: Epiphone Guitars

Best Gibson Alternative
Epiphone Acoustic Guitars

Price: $-$$$

Availability: Easy to find

Diverse Model Offerings: No

Electronics: Various

Does it Come With a Case?: Most don't

Epiphone Acoustic Guitars channels the legendary Gibson spirit and design without the premium price.

Trusted by music icons & everyday players, it's the go-to for classic and vintage designs on a budget.

  • Affordability: Epiphone offers a quality experience without the Gibson price tag
  • Design and Aesthetic: The "Inspired by Gibson" series captures the iconic Gibson look and feel
  • Reputation: Trusted by legendary musicians
  • Not Quite Gibson: While they capture the essence, they don't fully match the unique soul of a Gibson
  • Perceived Value: Being labeled as a "Budget Gibson" might deter some seeking exclusivity

My Thoughts:

Back in 1957, when Gibson acquired Epiphone, many labeled it the “Budget Gibson.” But it’s a bit more nuanced than that. Sure, they’re more affordable guitars, but they’ve never been just about cutting costs.

It’s worth noting that some real heavy-hitters, including legends like Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, and Billie Joe Armstrong, have strummed an Epiphone. That’s not just a budget acoustic guitar choice—it’s a testament to the brand’s quality.

What’s genuinely intriguing is Epiphone’s “Inspired by Gibson” series. It’s as if they’ve captured the spirit of Gibson, offering guitarists a taste of that iconic design and feel without the hefty price tag.

However, after spending some quality time with these “Inspired by Gibson” models, here’s my take: they’re fantastic for their price bracket. But comparing them directly to a Gibson? They have their own charm, yet Gibson’s soul is unmistakably Gibson.

For intermediate guitarists looking for some of the best blues or rock n’ roll acoustic guitars, Epiphone provides that familiar Gibson aesthetic without causing your wallet to wince. It’s about capturing a vibe, and Epiphone does it well.

The Underappreciated Artisan: Larrivee Guitars

Most Overlooked Handmade USA Brand
Larrivee Guitars

Price: $$$-$$$$

Availability: Only Carried by Specific Retailers

Diverse Model Offerings: Yes

Electronics: In select models

Does it Come With a Case?: Yes

Larrivee Guitars is where meticulous craftsmanship meets sustainable sourcing at a good price point.

Experience unique tonal qualities and a legacy of passion, all in a handcrafted instrument designed for those who seek to resonate differently

  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Every Larrivee is handcrafted with precision, ensuring each instrument is a masterpiece designed to last over a century
  • Sustainable Sourcing: Larrivee prioritizes using sustainably-sourced tonewoods, blending great sound with environmental consciousness
  • Unique Tonewoods: With innovations like "Moon Wood," Larrivee delivers instruments with distinctive tonal qualities
  • Price Point: While offering "affordable luxury," they might still be out of range for some beginners or budget-conscious players
  • Brand Recognition: Not as widely recognized as some industry giants, which might matter to those looking for brand prestige

My Thoughts:

You know those moments when a musician’s playing stops you dead in your tracks? That was me about two decades ago, watching Justin King’s fingers dance over the fretboard. Not only was his technique mind-bending, but the guitar’s tone was enchanting – rich, resonant, and absolutely mesmerizing. I remember thinking, “Surely, that’s some exclusive boutique guitar with a jaw-dropping price.”

Upon further inspection of this guitar company, I found that while Larrivee is undeniably top-tier, it doesn’t command the astronomical prices one might expect. You see the craftsmanship and passion and hear echoes of big names like Martin, Taylor, or Gibson. But Larrivee? They’re confidently forging their own legacy.

Initiated in the crisp Canadian air and now meticulously crafted in the USA, Larrivee’s guitars stand tall among industry giants while maintaining their distinct flair. I’m particularly taken by their philosophy: “affordable luxury.” Here’s a brand offering outstanding musicality without demanding an arm and a leg.

Every Larrivee tells a story of commitment: pure, solid wood – no laminates, no shortcuts. Their environmental consciousness shines through with sustainably-sourced tonewoods that resonate both in sound and ethos.

Recently, they’ve been showcasing an intriguing “Moon Wood.” Sourced from those revered forests that once gifted the world the iconic Stradivarius violins, this spruce combines resilience with a tonal richness that’s simply magnetic. Discovering these nuances with Larrivee feels like unearthing hidden gems in the world of guitars.

For those who seek an intimate connection with their instrument, Larrivee beckons with open arms.

A Stage Performer’s Delight: Takamine Guitars

Best for Gigging
Takamine Acoustic Guitars

Price: $-$$$

Availability: Easy to find

Diverse Model Offerings: Yes

Electronics: Most models

Does it Come With a Case? Most don't unless it's a premium purchase

Takamine Guitars pioneered the modern-day acoustic-electric guitar with innovative tech.

Crafted for performers, they balance rich heritage with modern-day demands. The choice of country legends and today's performers alike.

  • Innovative Electronics: Pioneers in the under-saddle guitar pickup and creators of the unique Cool Tube preamp design
  • Stage-Ready Design: The NEX body design provides ease of play for performers accustomed to electric guitars
  • Prestigious Legacy: Recognized globally, especially in the USA's Country Music scene, with big-name endorsements
  • G-Series Limitations: Their affordable G-Series may not offer as distinct advantages compared to other brands in the same price range
  • Specific Appeal: Its primary focus on stage performance might limit its appeal for those seeking a purely acoustic experience without electronics

My Thoughts:

Few can hold a candle to Takamine Guitars when it comes to live gigging. These acoustic-electric gems are renowned for their playability, tone, and unyielding reliability—a true “workhorse” in every sense.

🎸 Did you know? Takamine pioneered the under-saddle guitar pickup, setting the gold standard for today’s plugged-in acoustic sound. It’s no hyperbole to say they revolutionized on-stage acoustics.

Another notable feature is the Takamine NEX body design, which resembles an electric guitar’s playability. This is a boon for versatile performers who love to switch between electric and acoustic mid-gig. And if it wasn’t clear already, these are purpose-built for the stage.

Geography aside (yes, they’re a Japanese brand), Takamine guitars have found a passionate home in USA Country Music. Icons like Blake SheltonGarth Brooks, and Kenney Chesney swear by them.

And innovation doesn’t stop there. The Cool Tube preamp design is a testament to Takamine’s commitment to premium sound, employing tube circuitry for that rich, warm, plugged-in tone.

For those budget-conscious, there’s the Chinese-made G-Series. While serviceable, I wasn’t as dazzled when I pitted against competitors in the same price bracket. However, if your eyes are set on their premium Japanese-crafted models geared for the limelight, you’re in for a treat.

Underneath its strings and wood, Takamine acoustic-electric guitars are a marvel of craftsmanship and electronics. They enjoy a dedicated and vocal fanbase, and it’s clear why.

In summary, for live performers, Takamine is not just a choice—it’s the choice.

Where Sustainability Meets Sound: Breedlove Guitars

Best for Environment
Breedlove Guitars

Price: $$-$$$

Availability: Easy to find

Diverse Model Offerings: Yes

Electronics: Most models

Does it Come With a Case? Most models

Breedlove Guitars: Where eco-conscious craftsmanship meets beautiful sound and playability.

Distinct in design with a commitment to sustainability, it’s more than music; it’s a melody for the future.

  • Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship: Leading the charge with sustainably sourced wood and promoting eco-responsibility in the industry
  • Distinct Aesthetic: The unique use of Myrtlewood offers a signature, head-turning look
  • Broad Price Range: Offers guitars for various budgets, ensuring quality across the board
  • Tonal Preferences: Some players might not favor the tone produced by Myrtlewood as a topwood
  • Purist Pushback: Traditionalists might not prefer the pinless bridge system

My Thoughts:

You know, once in a while, a guitar brand pops up that challenges the status quo and sets new standards. For me, Breedlove Guitars has been one of those revelations.

Based in scenic Bend, Oregon, these instruments have a distinct charm. It’s not just in their sound but in their appearance, too. That choice of Myrtlewood as their primary tonewood gives Breedlove guitars this unmistakable, elegant, and earthy look. Just the kind of guitar that gets people asking, “Hey, what’s that you’re playing?”

But here’s the clincher. Breedlove isn’t just about making eye-catching guitars. By 2021, they’ve made a pledge that rings music to my ears. All their guitars are crafted from sustainably sourced wood, mostly harvested right here in the U.S. Plus, they’ve aligned themselves with suppliers who share their passion for the environment and ethical business practices.

On the playability front, I’ve had my hands on a few Breedloves, and I’m consistently amazed. The quality, the feel, and then that moment of disbelief when you peek at the price tag, thinking, “This can’t be right!”

They also incorporate a pinless bridge system. While some purists might be skeptical, it’s been hailed by many as a relief, especially when it comes to re-stringing 12-string acoustic guitars. There’s less fuss, and the convenience is hard to overlook.

And a fun tidbit to round off: Breedlove’s legacy can be traced back to Larry Breedlove and Steven Henderson, both of whom had their roots in Taylor Guitars. Knowing that, it’s no surprise that Breedlove has carved such a respectable name for itself.

Playing a Breedlove is not just about the music; it’s about being part of a bigger story. A story that sings of sustainability, quality, and innovation.

The Pinnacle of Price-Performance Ratios: Yamaha Guitars

Best Value for Money
Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

Price: $-$$$$

Availability: Easy to find

Diverse Model Offerings: Yes

Electronics: Various

Does it Come With a Case?: Most mid-tier and above do

Yamaha Guitars deliver unmatched value, providing top-notch instruments across budgets.

From the newbie's first strum to the pro's trusted companion, Yamaha strikes the perfect chord of craftmanship and affordability.

  • Versatile Range: From beginner kits to premium ranges, Yamaha caters to every skill level and budget
  • Quality to Price Ratio: Yamaha consistently offers instruments that sound and feel more expensive than their price tags
  • Consistent Build: Known for their sturdy and reliable construction, Yamaha guitars are built to last
  • Brand Perception: Some guitar enthusiasts might be hesitant due to Yamaha's broad product range, including non-musical products

My Thoughts:

So, here’s a head-scratcher for you: what do motorcycles, tech gear, and – wait for it – guitars have in common? If you’re new to the six-string scene, you might be baffled to find Yamaha as an answer. Yup, the same Yamaha known for their zooming bikes.

The Folk Guitar (FG) series from Yamaha has a reputation for being especially beginner-friendly, and it’s easy to see why. Designed predominantly for those just finding their rhythm, these guitars are a comforting introduction to the vast world of harmony and melody.

While Yamaha’s guitar starter kits, be it electric or acoustic, are like the opening notes to “Stairway to Heaven” – absolutely iconic. But here’s the twist in our tune: Yamaha isn’t just playing the starter game. Their mid-range and upscale offerings are no joke, especially in the L-Series and FG9. When I tried out their mid-range AC3M, the balance of quality to price took me by surprise. They felt and sounded more premium than they cost.

I know, I know, it’s a Yamaha. Can it hold a candle to the dedicated guitar giants? From one music lover to another, set aside the brand name and feel the music. Their guitars often surprise, delivering way beyond expectations.

For the newcomers, diving into this guitar universe on a budget? Yamaha’s got your back. They’re the ideal first chord, the first leap into a world of melodies and memories. And for the seasoned strummers, those who’ve danced across many frets and are seeking that flawless fusion of quality and value? Yamaha’s mid-tier Red Labels and premium L-Series and FG9 range are waiting in the wings. They’re guitars you won’t want to miss a beat on.

Surf, Sand, and Sweet Serenades: Fender Guitars

Best for Outdoors
Fender Acoustic Guitars

Price: $-$$

Availability: Easy to find

Diverse Model Offerings: Yes

Electronics: Various

Does it Come With a Case?: Depends on the model

Fender Acoustics strikes the right balance for those craving a guitar with beachy vibes, playability, and durability.

While their electrics steal the spotlight, their acoustic range offers unique designs that nod to California surf culture. Perfect for campfires, they're both style and substance in one.

  • Distinct Vibe: Fender Acoustics captures the California surf culture aesthetic, making them stand out visually
  • Versatility: Designed with beginners and intermediate players in mind, especially with their slimmer necks
  • Durable Materials: Laminated woods, especially in the California Series, offer resilience against changing environments, perfect for outdoor play
  • Tonal Trade-off: Laminated woods may not provide the depth and resonance of solid woods
  • Specific Aesthetics: Not all players might appreciate the unique aesthetics, like the mustache-shaped bridge on certain models

My Thoughts:

When you think of Fender, I bet electric guitars like the Stratocaster and Telecaster jump to mind, right? But here’s the thing: while they shine brightly in the electric universe, Fender’s been quietly crafting some intriguing acoustic guitars.

Their designs? They’ve got this cool vibe, echoing the California surf culture. Imagine the subtle hum of a guitar accompanying a beach bonfire – that’s the feel they capture. You could even say they’re Instagrammable, but that’s not their only charm.

You see, Fender knows guitars. Their electrics are legends; they’ve applied some of that know-how to their acoustic guitars. The necks are typically slimmer, which is excellent, especially if you’re getting into guitar playing or looking for a guitar that will be best for smaller hands. But a word of caution: I have found the fret edges a tad on the sharp side with some of the models I’ve demoed.

Now, about the materials. Most of their acoustics, like the California Series, use laminated wood. While laminated might not resonate as deeply as solid wood construction, it’s a practical choice if you’re playing outdoors or somewhere unpredictable. It’s a trade-off: a bit of tonal sacrifice for more durability.

And speaking of their guitars, don’t sleep on the Paramount series. Solid wood, great feel, and somehow, they’ve flown under the radar. It’s a mystery to me why they’re not talked about more.

Still, if you aim to progress far and deep into your guitar journey, you should peek at other brands on this list. But for a trusty companion by the campfire? Fender’s got your back.

Pioneering Modern Techniques & Sounds: Ibanez Acoustic Guitars

Best for Alternative Players
Ibanez Acoustic Guitars

Price: $-$$$

Availability: Easy to find

Diverse Model Offerings: Yes

Electronics: In most models

Does it Come With a Case?: Depends on the model, but often sold seperately

Ibanez Acoustics redefines modern playability.

Merging innovative design with affordability, they're tailored for the adventurous guitarist, from tapping to fingerstyle. Explore a guitar that's more than just a brand—it's a musical journey.

  • Innovative Design: Ibanez consistently pushes boundaries, crafting guitars that cater to a plethora of playing styles
  • Affordability & Value: Most of their range offers excellent value for money, ensuring quality without a hefty price tag
  • Electronics Mastery: Built-in electronics in many models are tailored for a broad soundscape, from percussive beats to melodic fingerstyle
  • Acoustic Purity: Some models may not offer the rich acoustic resonance sought by traditionalists
  • Brand Perception: Often associated with electric guitars, their acoustics can sometimes be overshadowed

My Thoughts:

For most, the name ‘Ibanez’ conjures images of lawsuit-era guitars, Tubescreamer guitar pedals, and blazing electric guitars fit for rock gods. But peek behind the curtain, and there’s more to the story: Ibanez’s innovative approach to modern acoustic guitars.

You’ve got the Advanced Platinum Collection with its super-sized dreadnought. A guitar that doesn’t just produce sounds—it bellows them. This isn’t your standard dreadnought; it’s larger and louder. The kind of volume that stands tall, whether you’re in a packed venue or a bustling street.

The Artwood series? It’s Ibanez’s way of marrying the old with the new. A nod to vintage designs but with modern tweaks makes them apt for today’s guitarist keen on a timeless look and sound at affordable prices. These solid-topped guitars have always impressed me with their sound quality and price ratio.

Now, here’s where Ibanez truly carves its niche. Series like the PA and AE invites the adventurous. Those curious will also find excellent fingerstyle guitars that do open tunings and percussive beats. And the Thinline? It’s their contemporary interpretation of the classical design—melding modern nuances and electronics with traditional nylon warmth.

Let’s have some real talk. Ibanez has their high quality acoustic guitars, but the magic? It’s in their mid-range. They strike a balance between price and prowess. The electronics in many of their guitars beckon those eager to experiment. Yet, if you’re after that pristine acoustic resonance, it might be worth looking at other acoustic guitar brands.

The Brand for Big Hands: Seagull Guitars

Best for Big Hands
Seagull Guitars

Price: $-$$

Availability: Easy to find

Diverse Model Offerings: No

Electronics: In some models

Does it Come With a Case?: No

Canadian-crafted under-dogs designed for comfort and sustainability.

For those with larger hands seeking rich tones and great playability without breaking the bank, Seagull is your unsung hero.

  • Wider Neck Design: Ideal for players with larger hands or chunkier fingers, ensuring comfortable play
  • Sustainable Craftsmanship: Canadian-made guitars focusing on environmentally responsible materials and methods
  • Consistent Quality: Regardless of the price range, Seagull maintains high standards, earning them a loyal fan base of satisfied players
  • Headstock Shape: Distinctive design might not appeal to everyone's aesthetic preferences
  • Brand Awareness: Being lesser-known than mainstream giants, some may overlook the brand's quality

My Thoughts:

Sometimes the quieter names in the guitar world genuinely surprise you. Seagull Guitars is one such Canadian gem. Entirely crafted in Canada and birthed from the vision of Robert Godin, of Godin Guitars, in 1982, this brand isn’t just about making guitars; it’s about sustainable, responsible craftsmanship.

Digging into the specs, the first thing that grabbed my attention was their wider neck, clocking in at a generous 1.8” nut width. Now, this is a godsend if you’re someone like me with larger hands or fingers with a tad more girth. I remember my time with the Seagull S6. It was a comfortable companion for my broader grip and became an ally as I delved deeper into fingerstyle techniques. Plus, that solid cedar top on the S6? It’s an absolute steal for its price bracket.

Now, I’ve got to be candid. Their headstock shape…well, I know this is a petty complaint, but I’ve always found a bit peculiar. But hey, aesthetics are personal, and the sound and feel truly counts. And on those fronts, Seagull truly delivers.

Suppose you’re after a mid-tier guitar with solid craftsmanship, sustainable sourcing, and unmatched value. In that case, you might want to give Seagull a strum. Just trust me on this.

A Handy Guide to Finding The Best Acoustic Guitar Brands for You

Before we dive in, let’s set something straight: my roundup of the best acoustic guitar brands is just a glimpse into the vast guitar universe. Admittedly, there are guitars I’ve yet to strum and melodies I’ve yet to play.

While I’m confident that most will strike a chord (pun intended!) with a brand I’ve spotlighted, I also want to tip my hat to those smaller, under-the-radar artisans crafting guitars worthy of an encore.

Now, onto the crux of it: selecting the perfect acoustic guitar. You’re not alone if you’re feeling lost in the woods of strings and frets. But fear not! Here’s a roadmap to steer you in the right direction.

Budget: Your Wallet’s Heartbeat

Not all acoustic guitars are born equal. The spectrum ranges from budget-friendly to “Do I need to remortgage my house?”.

But here’s the scoop: a lower price tag doesn’t automatically mean you’re getting a subpar guitar. However, some cautionary tales exist. Bargain-basement models can sometimes feel like a Herculean task to play, and they might crush that budding guitarist spirit in you.

Newbies, my advice? Resist the allure of dirt-cheap deals. Aim for the mid-tier ($500-$1000). At this sweet spot, you’ll find guitars that don’t just sound good but feel good, too. And if the day comes when you hang up your guitar-playing boots (though I hope that day never arrives), a decent resale value awaits.

To the seasoned strummers who know their love affair with the guitar is for keeps, consider treating yourself to a high-end gem. It’s an ode to your commitment, a partner for the musical journey ahead.

Bottom line? Sometimes, it’s worth shedding a tear over an initial splurge rather than settling for something that leaves you with a chorus of regrets. Happy playing!

The Best Inexpensive Acoustic Guitar Under $300 in 2024

The Best Acoustic Guitar Under $500 for Every Skill-Level & Player in 2024

The Best Acoustic Guitar Under $1000 For Every Use Case 2024

The Best Acoustic Guitars Under $2000 For Every Guitar Player in 2024

The Best High-End Acoustic Guitars Over $2,000 in 2024

Alright, let’s have a heart-to-heart. Music is a deeply personal journey; your guitar should complement your unique voice. With so many guitar designs tailor-made for different styles, it’s like searching for your musical soulmate.

If you’re starting this journey, you’re still finding your groove, and that’s okay!

When I muse about your acoustic playing style, I picture three main types:

  1. The Delicate Dancers: Those who tease out intricate notes fingerstyle.
  2. The Versatile Virtuosos: Jack-of-all-trades, master of, well, many!
  3. The Rhythmic Rockstars: Bold strummers and fierce flatpickers.

For those fresh on the acoustic guitar scene, you’ll want a versatile companion – a guitar that’s good at everything. This will allow you to discover your unique style while having a blast. There’s often debate around guitar shapes and what a great acoustic guitar is for beginners. Dreadnought acoustic guitars are very popular, but consider smaller-bodied guitars, like a concert shape, if you want something more intimate and tonally balanced.

As you find your footing and refine your skills, you might find yourself drawn to guitars that excel in one particular area. That’s the beauty of this journey; as you grow, your choice of instrument evolves with you.

To help you navigate this guitar galaxy, ponder over these questions:

  • Recording Dreams: Are studio sessions in your future?
  • Stage Presence: Fancy playing live gigs or just jamming at home?
  • Bandmate Dynamics: Playing solo or harmonizing with a loud ensemble?
  • On the Road: Need a travel-friendly guitar companion?
  • Neighborly Notes: Living in a close-quartered apartment?
  • Pick or Fingers: How do you like to strum?
  • Vocal Vibes: Do you serenade along as you play?

Reflecting on these will guide you through the myriad options, ensuring your chosen guitar is in tune with your aspirations. Happy jamming!

Why didn’t I include Ovation?

Ovation’s plastic back hasn’t resonated with me, and I’ve found their acoustic sound lacking when not amplified. However, they have carved out a niche, especially as sturdy stage guitars.

Ovation acoustic guitars might strike the right chord for you if your priority is touring and resilience against changing climates without much fret over potential damage.

Why didn’t I include more Boutique Brands like Santa Cruz?

While boutique brands like Santa Cruz unquestionably deliver remarkable craftsmanship and tone, I aimed to curate a list that caters to a broader audience, ensuring the recommended guitars are easily accessible worldwide.

Collings, another boutique brand, made the cut, primarily because I’ve had more hands-on experience with their guitars than Santa Cruz. This inclusion also serves as a nod to the exemplary work of smaller boutique guitar builders.

Why didn’t I include Gretsch?

Many might wonder about the absence of Gretsch on this acoustic guitar list. Indeed, Gretsch does have some visually striking acoustics, like the budget-friendly Jim Dandy, one of the best parlor-style guitars on a budget.

However, their acoustic range is somewhat limited, and they truly shine as an electric guitar brand. This core strength in electrics is why they didn’t make the primary cut for acoustics here.

Why didn’t I include Eastman or Blueridge Guitars?

You might have come across Eastman and Blueridge Guitars, both highly appreciated in the guitar community for offering great sound at an affordable price. These brands, especially Eastman, have mastered the art of echoing the tones of pricier counterparts, making them a go-to for those craving “luxury tones” on a budget.

While these Chinese-made brands are making waves as cost-effective alternatives to big names, my experience with them is limited. Plus, I’m not entirely sure about the most reliable places to purchase these guitars, which further influenced my decision to exclude them from the main list.

To Recap

Navigating the best acoustic guitar brands can be a complex journey, whether you’re a seasoned player or just striking your first chord. Brands like Taylor Guitars, Guild, and Larrivee each bring a unique flair to sound and craftsmanship.

Yet, some brands may resonate more deeply with individual players than others. It’s all about finding the guitar that sings to your soul, from the tried-and-true classics to the underrated gems. Let this guide be a starting point in your quest for the perfect six-string companion.

Always remember the best acoustic guitars are the ones that inspire you to play. Happy strumming!

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