Is Guitar Hard to Learn? | What You Need to Know to Succeed

If you’ve ever thought about learning to play the guitar, you’ve probably wondered if it will be hard for you. After all, don’t some people “have a natural talent?” The truth is, learning how to play the guitar is relatively easy with the right expectations and plan. With the proper guidance and practice, anyone can …

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Maple vs. Rosewood Fretboard | The Ultimate Showdown!

The maple vs. rosewood fretboard debate is hotly contested. You’ll find no shortage of thoughts and opinions on which is better and why. If you’re wondering what fretboard material you should get with your next guitar purchase, this blog post is for you! I’ll be exploring the differences between these two popular materials and taking …

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Bridge vs. Neck Pickups | How They Define Your Electric Guitar Tone

One of the most critical factors in an electric guitar’s tone comes from the pickups. The overall sound quality and genre characteristics are heavily dependent on it. There are different pickups, such as single-coil, humbucker, and P90s. While electric guitars have different pickup configurations, most have two pickups, one in the bridge and one in …

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How to Strum a Guitar like a Professional Player in 2023

The guitar is making a comeback. However, learning how to play the guitar, especially how to strum a guitar, is not easy.

I’ve seen some bad tutorials out there that teach you the wrong techniques or have you doing it inefficiently.

I’ve been playing guitar for 20+ years and have decided to put together this article for you. I want you to have everything you need to start playing the guitar like your favorite musicians and songwriters!